The Eagle

Glory, courage, honor, valor, loyalty… All these are inherent in the historical film, which draws realities of past, forgotten a long ago and gone in ancients years for an audience. Empires were obliterated, states sunk in sands of time, and heroes went away to nonexistence. But a man possesses one invaluable quality. His curiosity always urges him to dig the past.

And now film «The Eagle» offers viewers to make a similar jump to the Ancient Rome times – the one of the most prosperous and powerful states.

An eagle is a symbol of the Ninth Spanish legion, created by Julius Caesar. Exactly with Caesar this legion covered itself by glory and it was a part of the Roman army during long time. It is unknown for sure what actually happened with the legion – it just disappeared. There is riddle right here, which everyone, who is interested in it, wants to solve. However, creators of the film used such an interesting subject line very simply, choosing already prepared scenario of Rosemary Sutcliff’s book like basis and ignored historical veracity.

140 A.D. Twenty years passed since the Ninth legion disappeared. Young Roman Marcus Aquila, a son of the one of the commanders, who was responsible for the symbol of the Ninth legion – golden eagle, burns with the desire to know the circumstances of his father’s death and return the reestablish honor of his family. For the sake of this purpose he goes to serve to the north Britain.

By that time Britain was divided by Hadrian’s Wall for twenty years already on the South part, where Roman laws were obeyed (Romans feel safety behind the walls of their fortresses only ) and on the Northern part, where was no Roman troops and where the Ninth legion vanished away.

Originally «The eagle» is presented by a quiet typical historical action without any immersions to hero’s feelings or detailing of his environment, where the hordes of wicked savages begin to appear suddenly.

Then drama about friendship and honor starts fluently, transferring the film to the road-movie slowly. Heroes go to certain quest, where they have to overcome not only complication of the road, but also emotional difficulties, to know each other closer and to achieve new level of their relations.

This movie differs from other pictures about Ancient Rome by that there is no any wide known personality or some famous event of Roman history. The center of all narration is the eagle- standard of the Ninth legion. This symbol of Roman honor and greatness of Rome runs all through the whole picture and determines the course of events of the film. Stylistics of the film also differs from other works: there is no deliberate pomposity and not many fight scenes.

The searches of Standard occupy greater part of the picture. And during the whole journey quiet interesting music sounds and a lot of beautiful landscapes are shown.

It is necessary to notice marvelous work of operator. All these views of gloomy but beautiful Northern Britain pass a spirit and essence of the inhabitants of these places better than any words. By the way, there are not too much dialogs in the picture, actors often express their feelings and emotions with glance only.

All this natural enchanting spectacle of paints is complemented by such a wonderful soundtrack with an obligatory Scottish bagpipe, which describes local beauties the most organically. Music is very beautiful, light and wonderful indescribably.

«The Eagle» is the next professional work of Kevin Macdonald. It is enough to be just a good movie, but it is not enough to be such masterpiece as «Gladiator». But it is rather interesting. You’ll watch this film at one breath.

«The Eagle» is not a historical drama. It is rather a picture about Honor.

The Eagle trailer

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