London Boulevard

It is difficult to cheat oneself, to assure that you gonna «quit» and begin your life with a clean sheet of paper. You return to the same streets, to the same acquaintances and almost to the same businesses. Your life will not leave you; will not give you to change your essence. In fact, the past will not just leave you alone. Desire to change all is not enough. It is not enough to be just a «good guy». In fact, good guys are out of fashion here.

After a term of imprisonment for a few years, Mitchell (Colin Farrell) had come out with generous intentions. However, Mitchell has to help his old friend Billy with racket, striving to find constant earnings and shelter, returning to the criminal world slowly in that way. But a casual contact with a movie star Charlotte (Keira Knightley) gives him a chance to find normal life.

The exposure and charm of the girl touch Mitch’s senses and he becomes her body-guard, repulsing from ubiquitous paparazzi and admirers of the actress. But connections with his friends- criminals bind his hands. Authoritative gang leader Gant (Ray Winstone), who wants to hire him for his team, is interested in him. But how to explain merciless bandit, that you quit dangerous businesses? But our hero has his severe answer on this question…

William Monahan undertook difficult task to make into a movie the criminal novel of one of the most popular British writers Ken Bruen «London Boulevard». Similarity of the names with «Sunset Boulevard » is nonrandomness. The book of Bruena reminds remotely the classic film of 50th. William Monahan created an actual picture about a movie star Charlotte, who is in suspense and who had to face with reverse side of the fame. Having the reclusive way of life, having hided from importunate reporters, she finally lost connection with external world, having immured herself. Possibly, it served for connection of two lonely hearts.

A director of the film needed an actor for the main role, who could embody implacability and softness of the main conflicting hero on the screen, to expose essence of Mitch. He is laconic, and he makes a viewer to sympathize him from beginning till the end. Mitch wants to change his life. But how to do it, if crowd of ghosts from the past pursues him?

Colin Farrell is a very lively, energetic movie actor, he is always running, but in this picture he plays more frostily and coldly. You may see, how feelings and emotions overfill him. Farrell’s play is just magnificent.
Brilliant by style scenario of William Monahan, where every character is unique, just amazes. It is surprising, how he exposes characters of the main heroes for comparatively shot time. If it is cruel gangster Gant, combining such characters as Joker with his jokes before death of the victim from «Batman» and Frank Costello with his charisma and light madness from « The Departed» or extraordinary manager of Charlotte, played by David Thewlis, who makes you smile by his unreality, originality and just by his appearing in the shot. Masters of foggy Albion cinema show just fascinating play.

Operator Chris Menges, who was a laureate of Cinema academy award two times and producer William Monahan created an impressive entourage of London of sixties. Events of the film is accompanied by soundtracks of the middle of 20th century. There are such known singers and groups like The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. It supports the dynamics of the film on proper level undoubtedly.

Wonderful English humor also successfully disembogues in the most unexpected moments, giving an opportunity to rest of criminal city bloodsheds. As a result we get an unusual movie about gangster stripping with intriguing development of the subject and strained atmosphere.

So there is a classic story, detailed by skilled hand of the author and enhanced to the lustre of actor play. Here are no beautiful paints of life describing the wonderful gold mountains of money falling down from the sky. A real life story, which could happen with each of us, is told in this movie. Here are no exciting fight scenes, dynamic pursuits and explosions, changed by beautiful sunsets.

It is a simple film, where black-and-white story is told. It immerses us into various confusions, confrontation and even love.
A film harmonizes with its atmosphere, demonstrating us wonders of not only operator work, but also all charm of actor play in confusion with general ideas and context.

As a result «London Boulevard» turned out a deserving starting point for a producer-debutant. William Monahan proved by his new work, that he is able not only to write scenarios with unexpected development of events, but also embody these scenarios on the screen, having shot criminal drama with sticky and delicate atmosphere, which is full of charm and genuine living sense and Colin Farrell confirmed status of serious dramatic actor one more time.

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