Little Fockers

Children grew, every family lives by its life and a birthday of little Fockers comes and all big and friendly family will arrive to celebrate it. Name of the film is not quite exactly fit, because film tells us more about relationships between Greg Focker and Jack Byrnes, than about little Fockers. Jack decides to pass the power to the hands of his successor — Greg Focker. But as usual some problems appear …. A little time is given for the senior Focker’s family in the film, where certain problems appear too.

Basic subject line spins around medical man Greg Focker and father of his wife — Jack. There is a great misunderstanding between them, which has lasted about ten years and only now Jack began to trust Greg and even gave him title of «successor the throne». But as always Greg is unlucky and a lot of problems fall on him. The subject of the movie is quiet clear and a little bit indeterminate.

A picture does not have its basic action. It is rather a situation comedy, where events just change by others. Little Fockers are secondary characters here. There is a subject line, but it is not finished completely, in spite of it film, looks very integral and «domestic charm» of Fockers is not lost. Dialogs deserve fully and not hackneyed and the finale turned out very amusing.

Jack Byrnes played by Robert De Niro is just magnificent. As usual De Niro went all out completely. His Jack turned out similar suspicious and serious-comical character, but in this part notes of paranoia than watchfulness were noticed in his role indeed. His actor play is just perfect and he has much screen time to prove it.

And already, Greg or Gey Focker played by Ben Stiller. His character changed a bit. Greg tries to be serious and it is not needed to scold him for lack of absurdity and clumsiness, which were before. After all he is not a clown, but just a man, provided by ironical features. Ben Stiller plays more confident and disciplined Focker, who does not commit a lot of nonsense, because he became a father. But as a result he turns out full oaf.

All actors play good too. Owen Wilson played great his role of tasty and ideal dandy, who always plagues Greg with his presence and he has much more screen time here than in the first and second parts.

Dustin Hoffman played perfectly his role of Bernie Focker, who dances his flamenco everywhere and it is very pleasant that he remains in the ranks.

Barbra Streisand managed the role of Roz Focker perfecty, who has her TV-show now. Children are chosen very smartly and they also play remarkably. Well, Blythe Danner and Teri Polo also managed their roles fine. Novices: Jessica Alba, Laura Dern and Harvey Keitel blended with a company excellently.

Geylord Stiller Focker and Jack Tiberiy De Niro Byrnes are in the center of events again. Having started their rivalry, they continue to vex and begin to inflict traumas each other slowly. Changing of the director did not influence on the film vastly, the movie is still built on similar situations, which are hackneyed by comic genre, but still amusing. Unless a toilet humor is more advanced here.

If to speak about the humor of the movie, there is nothing disputable. There are a lot of vulgar jokes, which do not cross the line of abomination and harsh in the film. It is rather kind, but not meaningless raunch, which surprises pleasantly. Here is also much more old kind sarcasm, which abounded in the last parts. A film is also rich by light irony, which ridicules acts of the main heroes and their relations. As a result humor of the picture is on the highest level.

There is an appreciable minus in the third part. It is a «lack of clearly identified conflict in the scenario». There are favorite heroes, there are some difficulties, which they have to overcome, but these problems are too ordinary and do not offer some fresh and original interpretations. A subject tramples in the one place, plunging a viewer in the atmosphere of «already watched».

So, in spite of all minuses, a film turned out quite interesting and light. It can be named an ordinary family comedy. An atmosphere is very friendly. It is possible to laugh above the film and to cheer up. Little Fockers is a good continuation of the favorite comedy. Certainly, it is not already that Fockers, who we used to see. Atmosphere is not like it was before.

It is necessary to refer to this picture with lightness, kind naivety and benevolence. You do not have notice each detail of the film to pull out minuses and to scold the movie. The main thing is good mood, a lot of useful ideas and pleasant aftertaste.

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