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«The fighter» is a biographic film about not popular among great masses of people boxer Micky Ward, who became famous due to his fights with Arturo Gatti, having become his friend afterwards. It is not clear, what pushed the creators to shoot a movie about a man, who is not a legend in the world of sport. But it is true that they made one of the best sports dramas.

And it is not strange because it’s all about actor works. And because of it a movie was met warmly by critics and viewers in the world. It is necessary to look impartially on this film: a subject is quite rather bad, but Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale created unique and bight characters on the screen. And it is interesting to watch this film due to them.
Seems, what can be shot about boxer, who tries to find his way to the glory and universal recognition? The world had already seen such films, having become an exemplar in this genre. There are, certainly, cult «Rocky», « Million Dollar Baby» and also deep by its content «Wrestler».
However it is impossible to call «The Fighter» some usual stamping. Producer oh the film David O. Russell went on the correct way, having focused more attention not fights of the protagonist with his rival, but having displaced an accent on quite other things. And it is needed to notice that he made it successfully. The sport career of Ward stepped back on the second plan practically, while his relationships with his family became the leading theme of the film, because of it, «The Fighter» watches not simply as «fresh» biographic movie, narrating about flights and fallings of a boxer exceptionally, where there is place for facts and dates only, but as feature film. It makes happy for a while that taking place on the screen is approximated to reality as much as it possible and thank to it movie does not remind cheap tale.

Micky Ward is not a pet of fate, who is waited by unreal, cool happy end at the end of the film. He is the most ordinary man and it is felt from the first minutes of his appearance on the screen. The character of this boxer differs cardinally from the kings of the ring. Ward is full opposition of people, who are purposeful, people, who are not afraid to stumble, fall and then get up again. His mother arranges bout his forthcoming fights, his brother is engaged in his trainings and his newly-fledged girl friend supports and puts him on the right path.
By other words, Micky is a typical spineless phlegmatic person, who is not able to take important decisions without help of close people. And it is god. But not because of that it is good to have such character traits. It is just interesting to see how a man with full absence of basic characters of leader would try to achieve his dreams with difficult way.. It is needed to give a due to the scenario writers, in fact they made characters, equipped in the film, far from stereotype.

Somebody can decide that film about boxing can be interesting only for those, who take a great interest in the boxing, but it is not true. Yes, this movie is about boxing, but it is a transparent cover of the film only – just decoration, a beautiful and interesting line of protagonist lies into this film: real love, coming-to-be a champion through difficult way, brotherly bonds, which look different way and emotionalize. Exactly on them majority of CRT time of film is built.
Boxing is a fine decoration of the film indeed. It is enough in the film and it presented just perfectly. It is shoot high-quality and beautifully. Every punch, all splashes of sudor are visible. And the last fight is shown as a TV translation, what exposes sense of presence on the fight and it is a good find of producer again.
The most of screen time is devoted to the not simple relations of brothers. It is a top of the film and it is the main its dignity. Conflicts, reconciliations and admitting of errors were shown very correctly. And if these emotions appear, it means that their relations were not played, it was real. Exactly this line of the film has to make happy everybody, because it is real and alive.
«The fighter» can be named by difficult social -sports drama. And the greatest bias is made not on sport, but on that, how sport influences on people. The family of protagonist pressed him, literally makes him to come to a ring against that one, whom, he can’t win ever. Naturally frustration happens with him and he wants independence and freedom. But, even when Micky comes to the decisive fight, he begins to understand that he is no able to achieve a victory without his family and without his elder brother ever.
Actor staff is just magnificent and chosen correctly. Mark Wahlberg played perfectly well and showed all his actor experience and transformed into the new character and managed it well. Christian Bale played perfectly too. His role was so alive, that he played like never before. It is necessary to watch this movie just because of his playing. It is his the Best pole, this is for sure.
It is just magnificent film, which is required to watch. There is a great subject line about relationships of two brothers, god humor high-quality picture. It will tell how to find compromise between personal happiness and family, if these two conceptions run counter to each other.

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