How Do You Know?

If you don’t know what to watch in the movies after a hard working day, “How do you know?” is a solution to your problem. It is an easy-to-watch, light melodrama that Hollywood produces each year. But still there is something in this movie that distinguishes it from others. Which is first of all a very good story with great actors and there are almost no jokes that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Usually the nature of each character is not totally unveiled in the movies like this. But this movie will show you his characters in a proper way and every second you will see how close they are to you. You start to understand their feelings and actions. Also, one of the advantages is that despite the whole drama in life of each character, you will watch this movie as a comedy.

And in the end we receive a captivating melodrama of a high quality with funny components, even if the movie is a bit too long. As I said, if you need to take a rest after a hard working day, this is the best way to spend couple of hours and relax.

Matty (Owen Wilson) — is a rich bachelor. Later we find out that he is a baseball player. Though he doesn’t really look like a professional sports player to me. He seduces a young girl very quickly that I didn’t understand how it all happened. Owen is always playing a guy who is very dreamy and is ready to support his girlfriend in any emotional experience, without inquiring. I should say that Wilson is very good in playing such self-loving characters, he is a handsome guy and he adds some funny jokes so you will not be bored watching episodes with his presence. Still his story is not very clear in this movie. What happened to him and where he disappears in the end of the movie stays undiscovered.

There is a feeling that he is not a key actor in this story and the love triangle has two and a half angles.

George (Paul Radd) — actually to tell you the truth is the most boring actor and character. He is a milksop that is used by everyone. Even his dad is trying to set him up and to put him into jail instead of himself. Jack Nicholson is playing his father. Plus there is his pregnant girlfriend which story I couldn’t understand. TO my mind such character and actor is reducing the rate of this movie for two points. He doesn’t have any charisma or spice. Another actor could make this movie more interesting playing this role.

Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) — is a softball player that was kicked out of the team for incomprehensible reasons. I should say that I still can’t understand why two guys are dangling after her. I can assume that the director wanted to create a new character because there is nothing special in this charmless and cold-hearted goose. During the whole movie, she can’t understand who she wants to be with. Either with George, who is a dull looser that can forgive any abuse, or with egoistic and rich baseball player Matty. None of my friends, who watched this movie liked Reese Witherspoon in this role, neither did I.

The ending is very simple. The movie is divided on funny episodes with Owen Wilson, boring and blank fragments, and tedious dialogues between Reese Witherspoon and Paul Radd.

I advise you to watch “How do you know?” only if you want to see something easy, relaxing and entertaining.

How Do You Know? trailer

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