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«I am Number Four» is a novel of mysterious Pittacus Lor, which remained in the list of the best sellers by version of New York Times during 5 weeks. It opens a whole cycle of new adventures of a young man with magic abilities, which is already prepared for publication.

DreamWorks purchased license for the screening of the novel a year before printing and it talks about the seriousness of intentions and hopes of this studio. DreamWorks hired a talented producer of such films as « Disturbia » and « Eagle Eye» D.J. Caruso, who is specialized on energetic action-thrillers.

A movie starts from the murder of one of the nine aliens, which were sent to the Earth from another planet, which was conquered by cosmic invaders.

Certainly, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is an atypical American teenager. He was stolen from native land in childhood and now John is one of the nine fugitives, scattered on different nooks of the world and who are the last defenders of their planet Lorian. They have to hide from merciless mogadorians, who colonized their lands and now they intend to kill nine survivors firmly. Changing names and legends, John wanders from the state to the state with his faithful keeper (Timothy Olyphant).

He is an ordinary guy on the outside, but he has supernatural abilities, which become stronger with his age. But he cannot control them yet. They move to Ohio and his life begins to obtain some sense. He meets his first love – a girl by name of Sarah. It seems that everything is all right, but mogdarians make up their mind to kill Number Four resolutely.

«I am Number Four» is a fantastic youth thriller, which turns to the first-class spectacular action closer to the finale and it turned out spectacular and interesting film. The correct distribution of budgetary resources allowed the picture to arouse an interest by not only wonderful special effects, but also talented casting, which keeps attention emotionally and makes to feel with the main heroes during viewing.

A new work of talented producer D.J. Caruso tells about a fate of the boy of alien origin, who has inhuman supernatural abilities. There are nine aliens like him, but three of them are dead already. Taking lives, wicked race of other aliens intend not only to complete the genocide of native planet of protagonist (killing aforementioned nine one by one), but also to occupy Our planet, which habitants do not have such a rich arsenal of supernatural power and are more vulnerable.

A film, which could turn to the boring juvenile drama or snotty story of love, breaks away from an ordinary routine by showy scenes and tough set of graphic elements. This movie does not speculate on the superfluous dramatic effect, keeping some scopes of actuality of modern youth problems, playing successfully on the conflict between adults and teenagers, feeling of the first love and problems with school teasers. In spite of a big set of abilities, alien heroes do not lose human qualities, causing empathy, sympathy and joy. They tell bright and sometimes stressed story with plenty of fantastic.

Alex Pettyfer and Timothy Olyphant play roles of a teenager and an adult, tutor and talented student, true friends and helpers perfectly, resisting all surrounding problems bravely. Lovely Dianna Agron beautifies a film by her charm in the role of the first love of the main hero. This brown-eyed blonde turned out not only a decoration, but also she managed to play her heroine, carried away by photography, brightly and with interest, supporting the main hero and filling his life with light and happiness.

Teresa Palmer is just something unbelievable right here! A charming white-haired girl with blue eyes appears a real killing machine, with perfect mastery of survival and blameless battle skills. She is the main plus of this picture and her character turned out tough and fascinating and sweet at the same time!
Her successful roles in «Bedtime Stories» and «Wolf Creek» will not equalize with amazing performance of this picture.

Visual effects are higher than any praises. Masters of Industrial Light and Magic (the best creation of special effects team) just strike. Exactly due to their huge work, a viewer succeeds to estimate all spectacular constituents of the film in full measure. And incredibly spectacular finale impresses and causes a desire to watch it again.

Certainly, this movie has some minuses: a hero with luminous hands used it as a weapon provokes many associations with Tony Stark, children-aliens with supernatural abilities, who are chased by liquidators. This theme was used in «Race to Witch Mountain». Battle girl, played by Teresa Palmer, is more fantastic version of Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson not long ago or grown up Chloe Moretz from the best in the world comics, having mastered bigger set of unnatural abilities. And a team of villains with Kevin Durand at the head is a replica of wicked drillers of Eric Bana from «Star Trek» with some admixture of Agent Smith.

«I am Number Four» is a film, larded by alien fantastic with bold action and diluted by human problems, real world and romantic atmosphere.

This movie is a classic example of entertaining blockbuster of American production. «I am number Four» is a picture, which allows just resting and relaxing, which does not make to rethink some things, but just suggests enjoying visual effects and likable persons on the screen.

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