“The Losers” – Humorous Action Comedy

Director Sylvain White portrays a humorous action comedy of a group of special force soldiers who get cheated by a spymaster. The special force soldiers (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Columbus Short, Oscar Jaenada and Idris Elba are on a mission under the command of a spymaster Max who betrays them at some point of the movie. The movie is all about the dangers associated with their mission and their escape. The background of the movie is a low humorous tone packed with action. The movie is rated above average by the audience and is expected to hit the box office. ‘The Losers’ is rated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Office for Film and Broadcasting as L-limited adult audience due to some instances of profanity, a non marital sexual encounter, usage of crude language and violence. The movie has been reviewed by film experts that the some content are not suitable for both teens and adults.

The Losers (Full Review)

The theme of the movie is based on a comedy series and the Director has done enough justice to the original version. The action comedy is expected to be crowd pulling and specialized action sequences are worth watching. The movie introduces a new style of violence, which is it does not portray much bloodshed. In most cases it shows only the attacker and not the victim. Even though the movie still, leaves an uneasy impact on the audience. The low humorous background of the movie also reveals a new style of the Director Sylvain White but still the subject of the movie is weary. The hidden violence is the only benefit that prevents from the title of being morally offensive.

It starts as five ex-special forces that are on a mission from CIA and under the command of a spymaster who is called as Max at the Bolivian Jungle. The team comprises of the leader Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), demolition expert Rogue (Idris Elba), an expert shooter Cougar (Oscar Jaenad) expert communication specialist Jensen and transportation in charge Pooch (Columbus Short). They have been at the command of the spymaster Max, are on a mission against a local drug trader to save the innocents. At some time the special force soldiers come to understand that their master has betrayed them and are stuck up in the interior of the Bolivian Jungle. The heroes feel all lost and the perfect entry of a girl named Aisha gives them hope. She promises them to save them and will help them to return back to United States. Again with the help of Aisha, the special force officers take on revenge on Max and save their lives. Another back up of the movie is the relationship between Clay and Aisha which results in a bed room scene.

The film has some content which is inappropriate to teens. The bloodless violence, use of crude language and a premarital relationship leaves an uneasy impact on the audience even after watching the movie.

User Rating: 6.7/10
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