As it is known, there is the serious crisis of original ideas in Hollywood last time. Different sequels, prequels, continuations of the forgotten films a long ago are multiplied in order to catch up something potentially profitable. A light spot in this gloomy kingdom of inconsolable collapse of originality is a creation of producer Jaume Collet-Serra, «Unknown», a renaissance of spy thrillers.

Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) together with his wife Elizabeth (January Jones) arrives to Berlin, to the five stars hotel «Adlon» with scientific presentation for the biological summit. When Martin understands that one of his cases was not put to the taxi, he catches the other car and rushes back to air-port. An accident, fall from the bridge, brave taxi-driver (Diane Kruger), brigade of doctors and wife, who stayed alone in the unknown city are the first recalled fragments of his memory after four days in coma.

Having remembered everything, he rushes to find his sweet wife desperately. But having found her, he gets cold embrace and arctic cold smile as if he is stranger…. Callousness from the hand of his wife turned out not the most terrible punch, because a man near her declares that exactly he is true doctor Martin Harris. Having realized all complication of this situation, Martin, who does not have any documents, tries to remember impetuously, who he is…

What if you knew somewhere in your heart, who you actually are, but could not prove it anyway? And what would you do, if somebody else, unknown to you, would begin to declare that he is you? It is the main question of the hero of the film. Martin was in very complicated situation. Moreover, some man appropriated his personality and his wife is together with this guy and everybody around trusts this guy exactly.

It turned out something like reverse amnesia happened with a protagonist, since everyone around forgot, who he is. It is possible to become a nuts in such awful situation. Here is not able to find a way out from this situation. It is just necessary to survive. In spite of everybody’s turning away of Martin, every ineffectual attempt advances him to the truth, to the proof of who he is.

That is why after rejection of his wife Elizabeth, he looks for a single woman, who saw him before crash — a taxi-driver Gina. But when Dr. Martin Harris finds Gina, wishing to get answers for his questions, she also is not going to communicate with him, having her reasons.

The heroes of Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger are united by one very important thing — the whole world is against them. Gina is illegal from Bosnia, she lives in a district, where immigrants from different foreign countries settle. Having accustomed herself to strange city and having got some defense, she is afraid to help Harris. But she sees his despair and sincerity, understanding through what he had to pass over, she, however, agrees to assist him, because killers are close behind them. Martin understands that it is needed to search himself not where he is, but where he has to be.

In fact, it is needed to look back frequently for walking ahead, or it is possible to forget where you came from and where it is needed to come. Periodically flashbacks from past life appear and make to lose his way only and he turns to former employee of GDR secret police Ernst Jürgen in execution of Bruno Ganz for information and some assist.

He is also far from the external world and in spite of the fact that technologies went far forward, he is still loyal to use-proven methods and gone to unconsciousness ideals. Secret meetings near the bridge, solutions of puzzling story of Martin return Jurgen to the passed times again and he helps that one, who also feels lost, with a pleasure.

Berlin was chosen as a place for shooting and basic action of the film. German capital becomes a characteristic extension of the main hero like a tennis racket is extension of tennis-player’s arm. This city fits for the structure of the picture perfectly; after all it was separated for two different worlds: western and eastern. Similarly, personality of protagonist is splintered and it strives to self identification.

A comparative disadvantage of this film is slow development of events in its first half. But this small fault is forgiven for patient viewers, when action comes to the culminating point. Possibly, a producer made such a move specially to produce an effect of the exploded bomb…

In any case, due to the magnificent actor duet of Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger, rich subject and great scenes of pursuits you will forget about this small defect instantly.

«Unknown» is a captivating, dynamic movie with an intriguing end, which makes to feel nervous. A producer Jaume Collet-Serra raises questions of reflective themes. What does determine our personality?.. family.. birth certificate.. or flashbacks? What will we do, if it would be stolen by some incomprehensible way? What will each of us do to return himself?

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