Drive angry

Without any wearisome prehistory, without any overextended prologues and without any explanations what goes on, this brilliant and incredibly spectacular action starts from tough scene of elimination of couple, who participated in the kidnapping of the main hero’s grandchild. Appearance of Nicolas Cage in this character causes a great delight. A tough mixture of Ghost Rider and Terminator turned out in this movie.

He exterminates all offender of his tragedy keenly and cruelly, having escaped from hell for the cause. Not totally alive, not totally dead, as a spirit of revenge, he punishes everyone, who participated in murder of his daughter and kidnapping of his grandchild as a ghost of revenge and he would not stop in the face of anything, until he finished his deal on the Earth.

Nicolas Cage presents the best his role in the cinema, darkening the brave chemist from «The Rock» and prisoner from «Con Air prison», bursting through mountains of left corpse. He meets pretty waitress Piper quite quickly, played by Amber Heard. She quits her job and appears involved in the confrontation between good and evil. Also she turns out not foolish rural girl with not only just beautiful legs for decoration of protagonist, but also a real battle friend, who has a strong intention to establish order as Milton (Nicolas Cage).

She is a complete counterpoise of William Fichtner’s character, cool representative of hellish elite, who trails Nicolas Cage, in order to return a fugitive to his legal fiery abode.

William Fichtner, practically, repeats his corona role from a serial «Prison Break» and in this movie he plays demonic character by name of Accountant. He turned out a cool character – such an agent Smith, serving to the Devil. Dressed tastefully, he advances with a maniac persistence, possessing supernatural power and charisma, throwing up a coin, rented from Anton Chigurh from « No Country for Old Men».

His mimicry simply plays on his face by two – three muscles, passing different emotions and smashing replicas are pronounced as a sentence of People’s Court. His character is very impressive. Also it is needed to remark Billy Burke in the role of Satanists head. He plays glamour scoundrel, who just want to catch a bullet during the whole film. If he was posed a task to create image of repellent hero with attractive charisma, he managed it.

Small cameo appearance of scenario writer Todd Farmer is also necessary to remark.

And erotic scene with skirmish between Charlotte Ross and the main hero would be remembered as the toughest movie-scenes for this year: incredible combination of erotic, slow – mo and wild cruelty as respects to entered scoundrels.

In general, cruelty colors this movie by the most incredible way. The film is hard-edged and bloody, with flying away limbs, battered people, shot through heads and another variety of massacre. An erotica is presented in a less volume compared to violence, a movie can proud of it. A show does not even think to stop during the whole picture, unless small «calm before the storm» will appears before final battle.

Expressive performance from Patrick Lussier strives to present every spectacular shot from the most successful perspective. The film is make masterly from the visual point. All crazy and wild thing of taking place looks qualitatively and deservedly according to its budget 50 000 000 dollars. It does not look like cheap trash or «Grindhouse».

It is a real tough action, with touch of mysticism. Here are strained pursuits and very impressive hand-to-hand fights and certainly, bloody skirmishes in the best traditions of the genre. Patrick Lussier had been shooting films of this genre (mix of action and mysticism) from 2000 year. And he does it quite good for declared budgets and sector of movie market. There are a lot of drive and adrenalin in the movie.

Here is also a humor. It is not elegant especially, but also it is not vulgar absolutely, rather it is «black». There are many amusing moments, which reduce «weight» of bloody moments a bit. A Grindhouse approach is felt here and it fits to the movie devilishly.

«Drive angry» is a very tough entertaining movie in its, practically, perfect appearance. It is a real attraction with extremely rich scenes of brutal cruelty and cool erotic scenes, mellowed in the competent and visual-impressive performance! Patrick Lussier made happy for a while again by skills and quality, having shown how to make similar movies and Todd Farmer did not disappoint neither by a scenario, which has very gripping story, nor by his appearance on the screen, giving the next portion of delight.

«Drive angry» is a spectacle with bright casting and sea of pleasure from viewing.

It is a well shot, dynamic and brutal movie. It is a godsend for all admirers of high-budgetary trash, which is not weighed down by superfluous thoughts, but which makes to press in an arm-chair. Bravo Mr. Lussier!!!

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