Gnomeo and Juliet

This funny and exciting story was screened numerous times with the most different interpretations. But this time the story turned to us totally unique and wonderful piece of art. Red and Blue garden gnomes live on the neighboring gardens of their owners with all famous second names. They fight between themselves with different means and methods.

They drive lawn-mowers with the high speed. They behave like hooligans on the territories of the other gnomes. They organized a real war. But, the key motive of all this story and all actions of these creatures is forbidden love, of course.

Like in Shakespeare’s love story, the son of Blue gnomes head fell in love with Juliet, the daughter of their the most fierce enemy – the head of Red. Young gnomes meet without understanding that they are from hostile fractions. So, they demonstrate all illusiveness of any war conflict regarding any concrete person. But, thanks God, the creators of the plot will not bother us with deep and philosophic analysis of this problem. However they show some details for those people who are interested in it.

The viewer is plunged into beautiful and romantic atmosphere of love story. However, first of all, this cartoon is a comedy by its genre.  And, maybe, it is the biggest plus of “Gnomeo and Juliet”. The creators of cartoon were able to “sculp” a cool action-comedy of girlish tearful story. In final they got cartoon full of actions and spectacle amusing scenes, funny humoristic dialogues. All is positive and beautiful here. All is exactly like in good movie or cartoon. Heaps of sidetrack heroes dilute the main heroes rather successfully. They give the dose of their side-splitting tricks. But the main heroes play interesting and exciting subject.

It is a great movie for all the family. The cartoon units a lot of different bright peculiarities simultaneously. There are impressive battles with monster – lawn-mower. As well there are nice and pleasant for viewers romantic dates of Gnomeo and Juliet. It didn’t go without rather successful movie citation, leading us, for example, to “American beauty” and “Brave heart”.

So, adults will not be boring too, even if they are not able to switch on “internal child” during watching movie.

At last this story is finished right. Perhaps the first time we will see worthy and tremendous final among all previous screenings. It is extremely interesting to see the scene of dialogue of garden gnome and monument of William Shakespeare.  The successfully worked out plot will play with the new colors and make you laugh with abundance of amusing episodes, make you deeply touched with music of Elton John, and it just must to put pleasant trace in your soul. Beauty, humor and positive cartoon! It is right characteristics of this story.

Gnomeo and Juliet trailer

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