Maybe not everything is lost. A film is just marvelous, unbelievable, amazing. This is a movie, which was shot for 15 thousands dollars, but it looks more deserving than many films for hundreds millions. In fact, despite title, the film, banally, is about other things. On the background of war between people and «octopuses» expands the stories of two Americans, who met each other on the strange land. It is unimportant how they met and why. It is important to get out from there, to come back home.

At the beginning of the film prehistory of the subject line is presented in a thesis form to viewers. Its essence is quite simple: six years ago American satellite, launched with the purpose to search the other civilizations, finds alien life within the limits of solar system and delivers a specimen on the Earth. In the moment of landing satellite is wrecked in Mexico.

The extraterrestrial form of life adapts to the new condition quickly and begins to multiply actively, infecting vast territory, which is converted into a quarantine area. Governments of the USA and Mexico try to restrain expansion of contagion by all means.

Literally from the first shots of the film it is seen how a dashing army patrol is suddenly attacked by an enormous monster. Right here we are met by the first pleasant surprise from many is Monster. In the context of the film, it is correct to name it an alien animal or creature. Because it is not monster, it is not omnivorous creature in style of «Alien» or « The Thing ». It is just an animal, which it is prevented to live and reproduce and because of this it evinces an aggression to people.

«Drawing» of the creature does not yield much to the best films of this genre. And this is at a one-kopeck budget! All lacks of the «doll» are compensated splendidly by selection of surrounding, illumination and manner of shooting.

All subject of the film is twisted around quite banal story. Correspondent – loser, who at last got a chance to realize, creating a photo-report about events round a quarantine area, has to leave his dream. Daughter of proprietor of newspaper where Andrew works in that Mexican town is a second main character. At first he is simply asked to check the girl (Samantha gets to hospital with the trauma of hand after the next meeting with monsters), and then her father charges Andrew to bring his daughter to America.

From this time a film turns to the grade of fully classic love story of Shakespearian type, but. It is needed to see how it is done! Dialogs of heroes are just great. It is heard not written by Hollywood master polysyllabic and bombast speeches, which is not full of deep philosophical sense monologues and scientific revelations. No. It is a quite banal talk of two ordinary people «about weather». They are from quite different worlds (in social plan). Each of them is tired to the limit by his loneliness and hates the world where he lives in.

This film makes happy for a while by its atmosphere. You can even touch this thing in the best films; it can make a film marvelous even if there is nothing except it. But it is not needed to improve something in «Monsters». Everything works jointly in this film, demonstrating advanced aerobatics. This movie was not shot in the built or drawn decorations, but in the real wild nature, with the genuine crowd scene meeting and in style of documentary chronicle.

It is more real than all gripping stories from your life. An invisible operator heels heroes and watches all their adventures. And this, skillfully built on details, reality beats many the most fabulous worlds, bringing clean emotions and great impressions. Catch a mood, and magnificent viewing will be guaranteed.

A film possesses by an inexplicable charm, which is felt clearly from the first shots. It is understood that a film brings obscurity, which is so rare in the modern cinematography and it is necessary to watch.

Gareth Edwards made enormous work, having converted the small set of shots in the most powerful cinema. It is not for lovers of blockbusters. T is not for lovers of monsters and behemoths. It is not for every one. «Monsters» is that, what combines range of fantastic movies and emotionality of the dramatic movie.

Though it recedes one into the background and other multiplies by ten. It is extremely realistic movie and there is no place for show and Hollywood standards. «Monsters» does not betrayal its own principles even on a second and stays faithful itself till the end. It is original, unusual and incredible.

It is certainly needed to set up a monument for Gareth Edwards with inscription: «for young, impertinent and talented»! «Monsters» is a surprisingly atmospheric movie. It is not dynamic, not striking by special effects. It is just contemplative. Yes, it is possible to shoot such movie only for 15 thousands. Excellent operator work plus work of colorist is real expensive picture, which is accompanied by great sound background.

Is it possible to think than nobody likes original and uncommon movies?

Such film as «Monsters» makes to love it suddenly and irreversibly from the first shots.

It is exceptional movie. Enjoy the moment.


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