127 hours

Oscar holder Danny Boyle understands perfectly, that modern viewers, who are surfeited with the special effects and mysticism, become interested in chamber stories about life of ordinary people, who get to the fringe situation. Perfectly accepted pictures of this year such as «Frozen» of Adam Green and «Buried» of Rodrigo Cortés just confirm this obvious interest. Having taken fully realistic story of Aron Ralston as a basis, Danny Boyle showed all his mastery of producer and scenario writer.

And now, one more film, which is based on the real events, is for our consideration. It does not matter if it was it true in all details. The most important is that a man survived and did not give up. Danny Boyle shot it all. Boyle shoots very strange and unusual movies. Certainly, he does not try to make his cinema world some super realistic or even fantastic.

He begins his movie by light, happy, glad shots, as an antipode to that, what would be in the basic part of the film. The effect of such contrasting will be used many times here and it is so effective. We together with our traveler go to the canyon just for fun. Hero of James Franco spends his time aimlessly and brightly, shooting everything for the camera. He flirts with girls and makes his blood to seethe from overabundance of adrenalin, but everything he does is can not be named by stereotyped and standard actions. But everything collapses in a blink. The hand of Aron is stuck between stones and 127 hours of painful and terribly anguished expectations begin.

All this action is flavored with excellent musical accompaniment and excellent game of James Franco. Music is the most important part of this picture. Apathy, psychosis of protagonist is opposed to the most good-natured and melodious melodies. An actor just went through the fate of his character. Yes, he played splendidly and deserves his award undoubtedly. This role is difficult and emotional.

It is almost impossible to accent attention your actions, dreams and not numerous acts correctly. «127 hours» has one ponderable plus, which is not given to others – real events, which is in the basis of the film. It adds some assurance and impossibility of skeptical attitude to the heroism of protagonist in the film. There are no doubts, that this man accomplished an exploit, because no many would stand even three days and only individuals, who are professionally trained and qualified by current specialty, could do what he did. And he is just ordinary guy, looking for adventures and is able to take the most difficult decisions in his life.

The first and the most important, what distinguishes this film from others advantageously is a video camera for which Aron shoots himself during all 127 hours of stay in the rocky prison. In the objective glass of the camera Aron analyses his chances on a survival, exposes his world to viewers and looks over shot before materials, where he was cheerful, light-hearted and when he felt himself by king of canyon, for raising his spirit.

Shots, which are shot by Aron on the camera, absorb all the best from the films of category «Reporting», where the nature of shooting achieves by the camera. These shots contrastingly combine with the perfectly taken off panoramas of lifeless red canyon. These shots combine contrastly with perfectly shot panoramas of lifeless, red canyon. Monumental beauty of unusually wild and cruel miracle of nature, where the presence of human seems unnecessary, can not leave from the look of operator.

In such way, Danny Boyle demonstrates the various techniques of shooting, what gives the special charm and realism of the main Aron’s problem to the film — fear of death. Together with features of shooting of Danny Boyle presents his hero in all paints.

The process of regeneration of irrepressible adventurer to the connoisseur of life appears before viewers. It is even funny that only approximation of inevitable end can open a door inside a man. 127 hours appear not only by time of expectation of rescue or death for Aron, but also by that time edge, when he comprehends again all his life.

«127 hours» of Danny Boyle can be named one of the brightest representatives of this genre without any doubts. Perfectly shot and extremely real, without superfluous of details, but with a huge charge of emotions, a life-asserting with perfectly designed life’s philosophy in the visual sense «127 hours» is able to impress any viewer.

«127 Hours» is phenomenal psychedelic drama with unique style of Danny Boyle and magnificent soundtrack, which covers almost all conditions of the main hero. A producer passed not the atmosphere of loneliness, but evidently showed psychology of a man, who had no chances to survive. Aron died in some sense. He did not change, he became other man. It is amazing movie about fantastic and unflinching desire to live.

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