First of all, it is needed to notice that «Skyline» is a creative forward step for the producers Strause brothers. Their previous-debut opus « AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem » was a wild botch. And it was just surprising, that skilled special effect specialists shoot absolutely inconsistent movie not only from artistic point of view but also from technical!

Shooting «Skyline», Strause brothers comprehended part of their former errors, and made dramaturgic nonsense again, but they made, at least, spectacle, showy and even in terrifying movie in good sense.

The next times Strause brothers use mercilessly the hackneyed theme of global alien invasion, which is still interesting for viewers. In classic traditions of «Independence Day» and «War of the Worlds» malicious aliens attack the Earth, shooting cities from various powerful weapon, and abducting habitants of our planet by packs, in order to suck out human’s brains into their ships! And in the center of this nightmare is a small group of heroes, who try to survive at any cost, and even to repulse aliens!

Films about attack of specimens of extraterrestrial civilizations will never lose its popularity because unexplored things always generate universal interest. So, after noisy merriment five young people wake up because of bright light, seeping through closed jalousies. Having realized that Los Angeles is occupied by alien «guests», a question, – «what to do?» appears.

And as usual, two answers (for choice) appear: to stay where they are and to wait a rescue from authorities, or to rescue without any help in spite of forthcoming danger. Whether choice of the main heroes was logical or thoughtless, it is difficult to say, especially, when events take place on the high of the twenty floor sky-scraper.

A scenario is weak frankly. Characters do not know that to do during all film, and only chances rescue them from aliens. If the main heroes had some purpose in « Cloverfield» (to rescue a girl), the characters of «Skyline» go through the hassle by arguing only topic «what to do and how to survive». People can change nothing, and it is normal.

In general, a subject does not quite stand out by its originality, although, there are some moments which could be performed more advantageous – quite good idea was put into the foundation, but everything looks somehow very primitively. Some scenes at the beginning of this narrative impresses, at that, there are few episodes, which memorizes indeed, due to its emotional coloration, what is unfortunately to say about the «final chord».

Actors are typical heroes of serials. They do not play disgustingly, but also without a presence of the talent. Donald Faison and Brittany Daniel did not manage their roles absolutely. They were very unconvincing in the shot awfully, there were no emotions practically. Eric Balfour is a man who played better but not without fails.

It is quite possible to enjoy viewing. The main thing is to estimate possibilities of the film reasonably. Authors, without a «spark» in the soul, quite standard and predictable, made the film about how aliens occupy our world. Taking into account a crisis in the genre (the last big experiment is «War of the Worlds»), there is something to watch for craving fans. If to estimate creativity of Strause brothers, it is necessary to say that they are very successive, scrupulous guys: they assembled the movie from nothing literally and it deserves for respect. Fans will not be disappointed for sure, and nothing more is demanded.

Special effects — it is one thing in the film, which is really great. Curiously, it turned out even quite good, spectacle, realistic and scaled. Design, drawing and variety of aliens, looks very impressively. But special effects were taken from the other films (for example, «Matrix»). Battle in the air as well as the moment of people inhalation to cosmic ship by ray of light strike especially. It looked very effective and spectacular.

In fact, if you like fantastic, horrors, alien monsters, air battles and various special effects – watch this movie. But, the most important is not to expect originality from the film and non-typical approach to the theme of «alien invasion» in the manner of «District 9» or «Monsters».

«Skyline» is well done technically, but rectilinear and simple pseudo-blockbuster trash.

Just take popcorn and fizzy water, sit down on the sofa or armchair and enjoy the spectacle. And some surprise will wait for you at the end.

Skyline trailer

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