“Sanctum” is the movie by Alister Grierson who also directed other ones that many people like such as “Titanic”, “Avatar” and “Abyss”. The plot is really unpretentious at first sight. A group of speleologists is exploring a complex of caves in Africa trying to find the place where the underground river running through these caves flows into the ocean.

However, after one accident they decide to stop this dangerous expedition and come back on to the surface. But tropic storm ruins all of their plans. The exit is blocked and one part of the group that has failed to get out of the cave, stays inside and the rain is quickly filling up this place. Now in order to survive they have to find another way out.

I’ll tell you right away many people will like this movie. Perhaps it has been one of the best movies recently. No one will remain indifferent to the interesting and breathtaking combination of drama, thriller and adventure. You can feel the atmosphere of the movie from the very beginning, and pleasant and stirring music enables these feelings and everything that is going on the screen.

But the main advantage of “Sanctum” is its scenery, incredibly beautiful and effective. Natural scenery is especially impressive. Marvelous cave chambers and attractive greenish waters of deep lakes fascinate one’s eye. You even want to take place of those characters, get absorbed with this beauty and enjoy nature’s solemn magnificence. Though this desire doesn’t stay long. Then, vice versa, you don’t really envy the characters of  “Sanctum”.

It’s well-known that real human essence and character reveal in emergencies most of all when life borders on death so close that first mistake can be the last one. That’s why it is especially interesting to follow the characters, watch the revealing of their personalities when they have only one choice and it is not to live or not. This is the second step which results from the first one, to go on struggling or to surrender. And I appreciate when it is filmed really nice and what is more really natural: when one accident unites the team and the other one arises distrust and misunderstanding;  when heroism is just the way to survive or help survive the others; when deeds not at all brave are provoked not by human meanness but by character weakness under the external circumstances. All these things are depicted quite well in “Sanctum”.

However, it’s impossible to deny that the main attention is paid to the world-view evolution of the central hero, Josh, and his difficult relations with his father. And because of it the other characters are withdrawn to the background, their personalities aren’t very well disclosed as they could be. Well, I’d rather learn Karl, Victoria and George more.

Concerning the actors they all coped with their task properly.  Richard Roxsburgh  absolutely outshone everybody.  He created a wonderful image of severe, tough man who had struggled through many trials whom everybody knows and doesn’t know simultaneously. Richard really let everything through and you trust him with no conditions. So he deserves special gratitude as well as the whole film crew for the movie that we have.

In conclusion I’d like to say that you’ll watch it without a pause despite the fact that it can be somehow predicted. It is so full of events that worrying about the characters you don’t notice how time flies. And you get yourself strained again and again trying to understand if the hero will be able to escape death being hidden in the cave darkness.

Sanctum trailer

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