“A Nightmare on Elm Street” Emphasizing on Violence, Immorality

This is an eccentric film emphasizing on violence, immorality and the use of some crude language, makes it even more unworthy. The movie depicts how a group of teens are affected by a killer named Freddy Krueger. The theme of the movie ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ is the usual violence offered by the killer and the fear of the teens trying to overcome the killer’s fatal fingers. The movie by the director Samuel Bayer portrays nothing more than the usual and tried theme of some insomniacs trying out on a doom.

There are yet several reasons to fully imply that the movie is below average. There are many instances where the film is moving on without any reason and depicting a non marital relationship. There are also a number of usages of profanity and also the use of the F- word makes the movie rated as morally offensive. There is nothing special about the movie that can attract the viewers, and is simply a repetition of the same and tried pedophilia theme.

The movie name is a paraphrase of an old song “A Nightmare on Elm Street” by Warner Bros and the impact of the name is really not making any impact on what the director wants to convey. The story moves on with a crazy killer Freddy Krueger (Jackie Early Haley) who preys on the teens in both their dreams and also in their real lives. The teens include a diner waitress and an upcoming artist named Nancy (Rooney Mara) and introvert type boy named Quentin and the enthusiastic girl Kris (Katie Cassidy) and her romantic boy friend Dean (Kellen Lutz).

The movie is unsurprisingly, blighted by the bane of every potential franchise launcher. And the ripples of sexual content, is revealed through the part where Kris welcomes her boyfriend to spend the night with her as she was afraid of the encounter by Freddy. There are also an indirect arrow of child molestation by the script writers Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer. Both of them depicts nothing more than an unworthy underestimated adventure. The over shed of blood is nauseating and disturbs the mind of the viewer. The emphasis of too much violence and there is not any moral value conveyed through the film. It is all simply an adventure, which truly vague about the details. The killer Freddy soaked in plasma like substance reveals a frightful giant, and the preys are soaked with blood makes our conscience disturbed.

In short, what I would like to convey is that the movie by the music video director Samuel Bayer, is an immoral depiction of violence. And the dehumanizing effect is terribly highlighted and it should be noted that youngsters be accompanied by adults when watching this movie. It is certified as morally offensive by the USCCB Office for Film and Broadcasting. The movie is also rated as R- restricted by the Motion Picture Association of America. This makes the movie viewable by youngsters accompanied by parents or adults.

User Rating: 5.5/10


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