The Warrior’s Way

Mixing of cultures was always a good theme in film-making. Mentality is different as well as way of life, values and traditions. Mutual penetration of these aspects into each other provides a certain rate for a movie success in spite of its other drawbacks. The same thing happened to our movie.
Well, pretty swift change of scenery of blooming and unusual Japan to lifeless and almost surreal landscape of Wild West creates unconventional effect. The viewer anticipates nontrivial performance at least. And in some respect he or she gets it. Traditional attributes of an oriental movie like crystal pure lakes, cane woods, bamboo forest etc are darting on the screen. And they are really marvelous. But most of the time we spend in the Wild West.
The plot of the movie may not seem new to most viewers. There are a lot of movies about a person’s hardships when he suddenly becomes strange in his own environment and that is because he gave mercy to the person he was supposed to kill. “The Warrior’s Way” is based on exactly the same script.  One of the best warriors named Young of the killer’s detachment couldn’t kill the last of his enemies and his brethren and his teacher didn’t forgive him for this.

To save himself and a little girl warrior Yang breaks into a run and heads for the Wild West where he expected to meet his old friend. But after reaching the destination he learns about his friend being dead and he gets acquainted with circus actors. And the most interesting things start right away! He comes to the town built in the middle of a desert where his friend lived and takes up his business: he becomes a laundress. One charming lady with a desire to take vengeance on a villain colonel for her family death helps him. The warrior teaches her how to use a dagger and throw knives. The circus actors settled in the town long ago. At last there comes the time to say NO to all the evil. They are awaited for a great battle with a gang of cut-throats and killers from the West.

A real decoration of the movie is its starring actors. Dong-gun Jang excellently starred as a warrior Yang. His impenetrable face and deep but sad look in the best way possible supplements a warrior’s hard fame. Kate Boswortht starred as a cute girl who desires to take vengeance for her family death with all her might. Besides she demonstrates her ability to throw knives and fight with blades. Geoffrey Rush is extremely individual. His hero is a complete mystery in the movie though he doesn’t make a positive impression from the very beginning.

The scenes with the baby and its facial expressions are filmed well enough. And actually humour saves this movie. There are no extremely violent scenes. Blood fountains from open wounds are veiled with the angle of shooting or various things. The music scene of “a dagger dance” is also good. And combination of swords and bullets in the movie takes one’s breath away.

The Warrior’s Way trailer

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