Gulliver’s Travels

You must admit that nowadays there are many movies based on the same plot: the main hero gets into a new community; there he pretends to be a different person, not the one who he is; under the stressful circumstances he loses a game and everybody turns their back on him; after long reflection he understands that his friends need help, so he helps and there’s a long-expected happy end in his girlfriend’s arms.

Gulliver’s Travelsis exactly the same thing. Its only difference from the others is its individual   “wrapper”: a different story, a new place, a new character and new adventures.

In the childhood we used to be carried away by the brilliant book of Jonathan Swift. It became very special to us. We used to read and reread it several times in spite of the fact that its content was fully learned by heart. The film-makers may have had the same situation. That’s why they decided to add something new to this story. And the new thing was the visible updating of the story.

Now, here it is. A guy delivers letters to the local newspaper office. He is Gulliver himself. A dull-witted failure and a coward. Though all these things don’t prevent a local pretty woman from taking a liking to him. The reason why is a complete mystery.

However that may be, in the first part we see our hero by means of impudent plagiarism and outrageous lie got a chance to go to the region of the Bermuda Triangle at public cost to write an article about it.

In the second part Gulliver gets to Lilliput. Here the most horrible things start. The General of the Royal Army took an instant dislike to Gulliver. By the way, the General is depicted as a brainless warrior. Lilliput has been long at war with a neighbouring empire of Blefuscku. And our hero saves the country becoming a national hero.

This movie is a contemporary version of Jonathan Swift’s story. Nowadays it is incredibly popular to interpret old stories in a different way when there are gothic and modern versions of the beloved stories.

Jack Black as Gulliver is pretty funny here as well as in his previous roles. His major roles are lazybones who start to understand with the lapse of time what happiness is.

The plot of the movie is really funny at times because of the amusing faces and actions (and dialogues which are rare, alas). There are many mismatches and inexplicable phenomena that can be explained only with one phrase ”this is only a tale”. There is also one more drawback in the movie, that is a sound track, especially at the end. The impression is that script writers didn’t have any other way out but to finish the story with Edwin Starr – War. It’s funny but so senseless.

Gulliver’s Travels trailer

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