Comedy with Low Humor and Extravagant Wit – Death at a Funeral

The film altogether depicts a style of comedy with low humor and extravagant wit. It represents a series of events faced by a family when they gather at a family funeral of their family head. Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence play the role of two disaffected brothers. Their family and friends (mainly Tracy Morgan, Danny Glover and James Marsden) came to understand about a mysterious relationship of the dead patriarch with a stranger (Peter Dinklage). Death at a Funeral by the Director Neil LaBute is a remake of the British comedy by Frank Oz, and with Dean Craig as the screen writer. It includes some instances of profanity, homosexuality, the use of crass language and views of nudity and makes the film rated as O-morally offensive.

Death at a Funeral (Full Review)

The film starts as two brothers Aaron and Ryan along with their family and friends assemble for a burial of their family patriarch. The director portrays the British comedy by Frank Oz and has done little justice to the novel.

In the movie there is a few couple of incidents that serves as the backbone of the movie. One among them is how Aaron and his wife Michelle (Regina Hall) skip upstairs and utilize her fertility cycle to conceive a child. This scene is unnecessary but implies that it completely brings out the original version of the novel. Another incident in the movie is how Morgan plays with Glover and how an irritating uncle faces a repulsive accident in the toilet. This incident is the key scene depicting the name of the movie ‘Death at a Funeral’.

The movie also has an additional backup where a mysterious relationship of the deceased with a stranger Frank (Peter Dinklage) becomes revealed at the funeral. Frank blackmails the widow to give $30000 otherwise he will be forced to show some incriminating photos to others that will ruin the reputation of the family. Marsden feels a sort of hallucination who is the friend to the family and will be soon a future in law and acts a little weird by climbing the roof of the family home naked. This makes the movie a perfect DOA.

Death at a Funeral has been rated as morally offensive due to several instances of profanity and adulterous homosexuality. The movie is a non romantic comedy and illustrates only little justice to original novel and brings out the offensive background. The film is not approved by many viewers and rated as below average. It represents a drug theme, and vivid incidents faced by the family. The movie is rated as R-restricted by the Motion Picture Association of America and it is advisable that youngsters be accompanied by parents or adults. There are several uses of crude language and that too frequently. This is however not a good attempt by the Director and has done little justice to the viewers.

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