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There is nothing romantic neither in vampires no in drug addicts! The main heroine of this film is a girl named Abby (Chloe Moretz). She is twelve. Her mother died. Together with her dad she constantly moves from place to place. She loves conundrums, she is sick of candies, she does not like to be a friend… in principle, ordinary child in front of us, except one small detail. Actually Abby is a real vampire!

Evil of unbelievable power lives in Abby and it is very symbolically!

During the whole film it is demonstrated, how innocence and naivety combine with devilry and equanimity.

In the Swedish screen version of similar book of John Ajvide Lindqvist a girl was more dissolute and mad, in the American — her possible sexual life is off screen. Creators presented her as a child, but not a debauch and dissolute adult woman. That is why the version of Matt Reeves is more attractive than the Swedish version.

Revelation vampire conception is very interesting here.

Being long time without human blood, Abby needs it every day, her body begins to shed a terrible specific smell. Her appearance also starts to change, transmuting a pretty girl into the similitude of the dim deceased…

Affected by this terrible perdition, Abby feels permanent thirst of blood which darkens he mind. So, having felt incredibly sweet taste of satisfaction, which comes at thrusting her sharp cuspidate teeth into the flesh of victim once, she will never be the same again and she will never be able to control herself.

Scenes of attack look very originally, bloodily, cruelly and interesting. In these moments a girl does not look like usually! Her personality is pressed down by some obsessed demon, hiding deep inside her.

He endows body of Abby with unthinkable power due to which, to tear a victim into pieces is not difficult! And there is no chance to survive.

Blood of animals can not replace human’s blood, because people need similar plasma at transfusion and it means that there is no analog of it.

Vampirism presented as a form of drug addiction in the film. But it is not only incurable illness which substitutes guise of a man by itself, as well it devastates her soul and it is the most frightful punishment and acuter torture than all circles of hell taken one with another!

It is impossible to have friends, family, children and normal life for the person with such perdition as he always has to “feed” and accordingly to hide from authorities.

Vampire feels necessity in the next dose of blood waking up after sunset every day!

Difference of drug addict and vampire consists in that the first can die any moment, accepting next dose: today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a week and it is inevitably! The Second can not die at all. And it is the real hell indeed!

Now let’s speak about common people.

Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is an ordinary baited and closed boy, who can not lift his eyes because of permanent mockeries of bad trinity headed by hooligan Kenny (Dylan Minnette).

However child’s spite does not appear on the blank, because all of us come to this world identically kind, clean and innocent, and only then an environment turns us into what we are. So if someone bothers you by his jeer, possibly, he is bothered daily by his own older brother! If you are unable to answer him, a spite and hatred accumulate and then it is vented on weak coevals or pats. Sense of importance and superiority of such child grows not due to some achievements, but proportionally to number of people, who are afraid of him.

Why Abby decided to acquaint with Owen — this is the main question!

In fact, according to existing opinion of mutual attraction of oppositions, there are two social outcasts – two by something similar man hold out to each other! In the beginning it is unwillingly and very feebly, but then, they feel mutual understanding deeper and deeper.

It is needed to notice an interesting idea, which does not let a vampire to enter somebody’s apartment without owner’s agreement, if it takes place; frightful irreversible destroying processes began to happen with him. This magnificent moment symbolizes evidently that evil spirits can not just come to man, knocking in the door.

He, necessarily, has to call it and to let it in by his own accord… but not just to apartment, but to the soul and to the heart! To let in evil spirits — means to trust it, to set a contact, and to turn away from light!

Just like this, in the face of little nice girl, dark forces takes next innocent and trustful child’s soul in their cuddles. Bravo! Where does this friendship lead to at the end?

To find it out, you should watch the film by Matt Reeves.

As a result, American screen version «Let me in» turned out very strong and spectacle. Creators expose the great number of top problems through prism of mysticism and fantasy. And the opened social context will help to understand yourself and to understand better even your children, who, occasionally, get under bad influence and at times become confused in themselves.

Many movies deal with drug addiction, but few of them portray how rehab or an addiction recovery program works.

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