Green Zone

Green Zone is an enigmatic denomination for many people. Not many people know true meaning of this phrase. And a greater part of people has never heard about it. Green Zone is the general name of the International area of Iraq, which occupies about 10 square kilometers in the center of Baghdad, which was located in the center of Temporary Coalition Administration and remains the center of the international presence in the city.

Its official name is the International area, but the Green Zone remains most widely used term and this conception appeared as military designation. In the beginning of 2009 the full control in the Green Zone was given back to Iraqi security forces.

The movie, actually, turned out high quality. It is not an action, where everything explodes and where there is nothing except permanent firing, how it was, distinctly, shown in the trailer. It is the most real political thriller, which touches the most unpleasant for Americans theme – their incursion into Iraq. This theme is not exposed fully till today, although there are some suppositions, but only one conjecture is shown in the «Green Zone», which was expounded by writer Rajiv Chandrasekaran in his book «Imperial Life in the Emerald City».

Surprisingly, that this book and this film passed through censorship and appeared in the wide distribution, because Americans could not shoot such movie about themselves, but a producer decided differently and made a very good film, which in spite of failure distribution, turned out very high-quality and interesting.

George Bush before his retirement confessed that chemical and other weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq, having confirmed the «oil» purpose of visit to this country indirectly. The film plays on this idea. The subject tells about an ordinary lieutenant Roy Miller, who serves in Iraq and together with his troop searches WMD (weapon of mass destruction), but because of not quite exact and incorrect reconnaissance information, Miller’s troop always work in vain and has nothing at last. And empty-handed team returns to base, particularly, to the «Green Zone» where are quite invisible military operations nearby. Because everything is like in five stars hotel, there is even swimming pool while Iraq citizens die because of lack of water and permanent skirmishes.

One’s upon a time, one Iraq former military, whose name is Freddy shows Miller’s troop a requisite place, where, he thought, is some meeting. Having burst unexpectedly into a house, Miller understands that he got to meeting, where all elite of Iraqi forces is. In spite of that his primary aim is general, who succeeded to slip away and who had to know, where WMD was. But smaller on rank officers were captive and one of them had a worksheet with specified all places, where chief general could be.

But as soon as Miller’s troop takes out hostages outside, they are intercepted by special forces, which submits to another highest officials and take away hostages. But lieutenant Miller still has a worksheet with necessary writing. He goes to experienced CIA agent Martin Brown  with a question «Does WMD actually exist ?» and «Who is this Magilan, from who all information concerning the location of WMD comes from?». Together with him Miller finds out that everything is not as easy as it seems, and that the most dangerous enemies are those, who are on the same side with him…

A scenario is very good and what is the most important, it is candid, because it does not refuse to show all the most terrible sides of that war, by the way, to be matched for scenario an actor band is selected:

«Freddy, write down an address and you’ll get reward!»

«Reward? Do you think all of this is for the sake of reward? Do you think that I don’t care a damn on my country and what happens now? Do you think I don’t know what is going on? People live without water, without electricity and I think about a reward only, didn’t you think that I do it for myself for the future of my country? I want much more what you want! »

Matt Damon just perfectly executed his role of naive, but faithful soldier, who executes orders not only thoughtlessly, but also, is able to watch a bit deeper. During a film, it is seen how his resolution to find out the truth grows and his disappointment of everything he served and was faithful grows so quickly too. Fates of modern wars are resolved not in the battle situation, but in the cabinets of high authorities. And such guy as Roy Miller can be easily sacrificed, throwing him to the altar of supposed victory.

Charisma Greg Kinnear, who plays a sly, cruel and bad guy Clark Poundstone made happy for a while, his character turned out very realistic and extraordinarily attracting, very pleased. Brendan Gleeson also played his role perfectly, although his hero has not so much screen time, but in spite of it, Brendan managed the task splendidly. He is a real CIA agent so prudent, cold-blooded and thinking over a few steps forward.

Amy Rayan is good too, who executed a role of searching sensational news journalist from «Wall Street Journal» Lawrie Dayne, who writes that what was reported by very reliable source from law enforcement authorities. It is needed to remark good role of Jason Isaacs, who played spiteful warrior, who is capable on everything to execute an order of higher officials. It is certainly needed to praise a producer Paul Greengrass, who made high-quality and dynamic film again, which is watched light, pleasantly and interestingly.

«What will your orders be, ser?»

«General must be killed!»

«And, what is about Miller?»

«To your discretion!»

As a result it is a wonderful political thriller, which in spite of failure distribution is done very marvelously. After all besides good actor staff and magnificent direction there is a very interesting subject based on the true events.

Green Zone trailer

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