Recently, there is a style to shoot actions and thrillers about CIA agents, espionage conspiracies and also secret operations in the American cinema. In this case, producer Robert Schwentke not only gives a due to the fashion, making such movie, but also together with Sylvester Stallone and his «The Expendables» chooses actors over 50 for the main roles.

In such way he tries to prove that congregating together they can earn good cash and at the same time play not worth than their young colleagues. It is needed to admit that they managed with this task.

Having taken not the biggest budget, as for Hollywood standards, 58 000 000 $, a surveying crew created real holiday for viewers with quite different taste preferences: lovers of jokes are waited by a great number of funny situations and memorized phrases, which can be quoted then.

There is a clearly built subject basis in the film. Retired agents live their last years peacefully, but attack on one of them happens. And then, like in «Watchmen»: attacking one member of the team is encroachment upon life of others. Intrigue rises gradually and twists in the tight ball, which is more violent than some subjects of James Bond.

Just add here some romantic story and logical theme about how it is difficult to leave your past and the fine balanced story is ready! Ideal balance of action seriousness and comic madness also makes happy for a while. These both constituents are absolutely equivalent and combined very naturally.

A subject tells about a former CIA agent Frank Moses, who is retired and now he looks for somebody to talk to and what to do. The single source for talking is a girl Sarah Ross, who works in the pension department and speaks with Frank by phone the whole days. Once upon a time armed to the teeth special troop breaks into his house, trying to shoot retiree. But using his own experience, Frank manages to avoid his death and kills all of them. At the same time he understands that somebody, who is on the high level, tries to kill him…

Having left his town Frank takes Sarah with him to protect her and goes to his old friends, who would help former officer to solve this difficult problem.

It is found out that not only Mosses is hunted, but also his friends too: impudent Joe and crazy paranoiac Marvin.

It turns out soon, that past operation in Guatemala, vice-president and journalist from China-town are involved in this deal. In order to ask for help, they go to those people, with who they were always at enmity and where Russian pensioner Ivan Simanov is a boss. A scenario is quite good, although there are pluses and minuses, one of the pluses is lightness of viewing and fine humor, and minus is a bit overextended beginning and stamps in some moments.

Actors, who went back to the good old days, are selected just perfectly:

«Did Cortesky teach you?»


«He is the one of my students!»

Though Bruce Willis showed nothing new, having gone with a poker face the whole film, but his playing is still on the highest level. Unambiguously John Malkovich is the best of all in this movie. He goes all out on a hundred percents and endeavors with all his might and «RED» is not an exception. John played madman Marvin Boggs, who thinks that everybody follows him and tries to kill him, just striking. That’s why he always takes soft pink piggy…

Morgan Freeman, who had less screen time than others, played also good, but in spite of it Morgan tried to squeeze everything from it. Girls were wonderful too: Helen Mirren turned from queen into assassin and Mary-Louise Parker played very impressively. Brian Cox, who did not appear on wide screens for a long time, makes happy for a while and Karl Urban, who looks unnaturally in the roles of «bad guys», but in this movie he looks great. Richard Dreyfuss is remembered in the episodic role of bad Alexander Dunning, who decided to return on the wide screens again.

It is needed to remark the work of producer Robert Schwentke, who could make large-caliber blockbuster from simple subject.

«Come out old man!»

«Old man?!»

«No respect!»

Actually, a humor in the picture is very light and natural, it is possible just to laugh about it, without any mind, and the main thing — it is funny. Every joke, which is pronounced by any heroes, is very bright and well memorized and of cause the funniest scenes are held up by John Malkovich. A comic action «RED» is a slaughter movie from «DC Comics». There is everything, what is needed for excellent action: gunshots, fights, explosions, crashes and good humor. Budget of the picture is 58 000 000 $.

«RED» is an action-comedy indeed. There are pursuits, blasts, plots and political provocations together with prodigious actor’s play and enormous professional experience of those, who represent motive power – it is one more reason to watch this movie and take charge of good mood and pleasure for the whole day.

Red trailer

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