The Tourist

In 2007 the owner of «Oscar» in the nomination « The best film in foreign language» became « The Lives of Others» of the German producer with difficult long name Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

Obviously, American producers could not pass by such event and in 2010 producer was invited to Hollywood, where he shoot ironical thriller «The tourist».

The subject of the film revolves around catching of elusive genius fraudster Alexander Pierce, twisting agents of Interpol and gangsters round his finger. He has made a neoplasty and nobody knows how he looks actually now. The only one possibility to catch adventurer is to become his beloved Elise in execution of wonderful Angelina Jolie. Alexander passes note with a massage to his mistress, where he asks her to go to the Venice by train and to find a man, looked like him by stature and who would be recognized like him by Interpol.

A tourist from America (Johnny Depp) becomes an appropriate stranger. A plan is succeeded and Frank is actually recognized like Pierce, but not by members of Interpol, but by gangsters, who were robbed by Alexander. Then Frank falls in love with stunning beautiful woman Elise, and the subject of the film begins to be untwisted dashingly… To remake good European films in Hollywood is already a tendency.

The story of «The tourist» is worked over from the beginning to the end so harmoniously, that there is no reason to find fault. A narration goes by its turn, immerging us in various dangerous games, gunshots and love-affairs. After the row of similar films, «The tourist» stands out the most.

But, if the good story is a top of the iceberg only, it is written successfully, but it would turn to something ordinary and similar without good and professional actors, to so. Two harmoniously fitting actors were shown, who were able not only to promote the film, but also introduce a good humor in it, that is very important in such movies.

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are good and talented cocktail, which was offered us by creators and they did not miscalculate. A duet turned out prodigious; they played just great. They showed not only a talented play, which is pleasant to watch during the whole film but also were able to inform us all the saps which could not be lighted up by the other actors because of their inexperience.

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp made a harmonious cinema pair, exactly that pair, where none of participants of duet represses each other.

She is incredibly beautiful, majestic, kingly and womanlike. She is exactly that magnificent woman, who can outshine everybody. And what eyes Angelina has! They draw into the dark whirlpool. A single muscle will not move on her face, but ocean of emotions will splash in her strong and deep eyes.

He is just a crackjack. Johnny appears such ridiculous, trustful, partly clumsy in the beginning of the film. His catholicity talent to create such unlike appearances is just striking. Johnny Depp is charming, incredibly artistic and has charisma here. Let it is not the best his role, but his play is unhurried, leisurely, he, as if savors every movement and every remark.

A film turned out dynamic, beautiful, quite intriguing and with enough dashingly involuted subject. Operator work is pleased: everything is shot nice and professionally. Arresting action scenes and beautiful panoramas of Venice are shown very good.

In spite of all dignities, a subject disappoints a bit. Everything is done great and professionally, but, however, a little “standardly “. The movie does not have enough feelings and emotions; there is no “zest”, eventually. Romantic line is not finished, it is present here undoubtedly and even scenery of old Venice does not rescue it. Everything is done exactly and professionally, but at the same time it is restricted, crumpled and leaved unfinished.

In general, the movie turned out quite good as a thriller relatively, excellent as action, but «The tourist» did not succeed as drama.

As a result «The tourist» turned out a nice, arresting movie, but cut out on the Hollywood template, with permanent plenty of love affairs, pursuits and gunshots. Certainly, it is impossible to miss this film even because of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, but it is also not needed to expect something supernatural from this movie. Actor’s play, professional shooting are very pleasant for viewing. But, nevertheless, «The tourist» turned out quite good entertaining action-thriller.

The Tourist trailer

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