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A world-illusion is not quite new theme itself. It is dream, which becomes reality, journey, transporting to other world or, for example, game, absorbing you wholly. There are illusions in which you can die innumerable amount times. There are illusions, where it is not known what would be if somebody dies there, therefore it scares. And there are illusions like TRON, where it is quite clear, what will happen with you, if you catch an informative disk in the vitally important parts of body: you will scatter on thousands of clinking pixels…

Probably, the scariest nightmare of any gamer is to appear in the game…

Long-expected continuation left enough contradictory feelings. Beginning of the film gives a positive mood and the plot of the new story interests. We see more growing up corporation «ENCOM» with its successes and problems again. We find out who Kevin Flynn was as a director of the company and how he disappeared suddenly, having left his son Sam and his parents.

Adult and matured Sam appears also enough eccentric personality. He has already overcome his  skepticism partly and unwillingness to believe that his father left him not because of his own will and he gets there — to that unbelievable digital universe: deadly races on the light cycle, hand-to-hand fights on disks, striking air battles.

But, taking into account the movie time, it was not enough. Aspiration of authors to make film more serious, in comparison with original, did not vindicate itself. As a result, this movie remained just entertaining. And this irrelevant philosophy played negative role in the perception of the film, generally.

This story takes place inside computer world which was created by genius programmer, Kevin Flynn, who got stuck there. Many years later his son Sam, who is engaged in dangerous gladiatorial games at once, gets there. At that, viewer draws into the stormy action, which is able to hold him along the whole length.

The film really strikes by its spectacle. Disk fights, races on the light cycles, the way through cyber world – all of this just fascinates. Creators of the film have made a great action, which brings an indelible impression.

Michael Sheen is the most distinguished, he presents to viewer the brightest and fanciful character of the film with the perfect mastery. Jeff Bridges is just marvelous. He demonstrates the verges of his talent, imaging two opposite characters on the screen with lightness. And Olivia Wilde made happy for a while too. She has such expressive eyes, where huge spectrum of emotions and feelings is read.

She is so graceful like a cat, flexible like a snake and just charming, especially, when she smiles. Olivia Wilde is wonderful girl and actress. A protagonist, in execution of Garrett Hedlund, looks organically on the background of the just listed actors.

Visualization of the movie is succeeded indeed.  «TRON» looks remarkably. There are ideal geometrical lines, neon, latex, style of the whole film — you just can not turn off eyes from it. Designers made their job just excellent. Maybe someone think, that cold beauty of the Network attracts more than jungles of Pandora.

Action also makes happy for a while, but also it has some minuses. The movie, somehow, turned out allocated irregularly by the timekeeping. The brightest scenes were in the first third of «Legacy». There are cool duel on light disks and races on the light cycles. But there is not almost dynamics in the middle of the film, so that an action quite sags. Action returns to the finale again, it becomes more exciting, but it already loses general showiness and style.

Another amazing detail, except special effects, is musical accompaniment. It is stylish, modern, charming. Music Daft Punk lay down on the film ideally, supporting required mood in certain moments and working on the atmosphere perfectly. Absolutely, it is one of the best soundtracks.

«TRON» inhausts into the system together with a protagonist literally, makes going through all adversities and successes together with «good guys». There is a place for mind and soul in the unemotional machine’s code and it feels stronger, when film draws to a close.

«Legacy» does not leave anybody indifferent, it returns forgotten long ago feeling, when, it is desirable to imitate heroes, to appear in the same world and pass their difficult and long way after viewing of the film. Joseph Kosinski succeeded; «TRON» surpassed its original, having become much more perfect in all senses. End of one game is new beginning only.

«TRON: Legacy» can be named by deserving continuation of the film of 1982, and it also showed technological verges in the filmmaking by nowadays. In fact, the movie immerges in the world of computer magic, and it looks like a fairytale in this plan.

It is a stylish movie with underlined cold atmosphere, where soundtrack of French band Daft Punk sounds very appropriately, and a visual side just makes happy an eye. The film have the pluses and skipping it is not needed, because, in my opinion, «Throne: A legacy» is the most beautiful and stylish representative of art this year.

«TRON: Legacy» is one of the most beautiful and stylish specimen of cinematography.

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