Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Do you believe in fairy tales? Such kind of fairy tales and nice stories which tell about victory of good over evil. The way of protagonist is always prejudged there; magic creatures always help him and case is interfered in the fate of the hero all the time. Do you believe in such fairy tales? And do you believe that these fairy tales are able to turn out to be something gloomy and frightening?

The victory of good is so spectral, that it is difficult to believe it. Relatives die every time, the danger is everywhere, it seems there is not anything good around already, there are only death, fear and horror, but light of hope still gleams in the hearts. Because true heroes never give up.

Saga about Harry Potter, a boy who survived, already became a part of modern culture a long time ago; it is imprescriptible part of our world, world of children which grew up on this work. But everything has a feature to over some time. So epopee about boy comes to end too. But, however, it is no the end yet. Joanne Rowling created the unique, organic, original world which was transferred on the screen and resuscitated. And millions of people had loved it. What is the phenomenon of Harry Potter? Nobody knows! But the fact is that Harry Potter was, is and will be one of the most popular projects of cinematography for all history of its existence.

«Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1» is a film which begins its farewell with viewers. Story in this film reaches its apogee, but not culmination. It is ahead. Here, we move step by step to the most main purpose of all narration by length of seven books and six films. But purpose is still somewhere ahead.

A film is just startling. And let someone say that this film is not on a book, that some moments are missed and not included in the subject. But the basic plot of a story is kept, the main events are shown. And a producer has a right on his own vision of literary work. And let it be saturated with his subjectivism, because it is impossible without it. And audience has the right either to accept his version or not only.

The world which appears in front of us is full of dangers, fear, pain and horror. There is no place for quiet and measured life; there is no place for peace here. The magic world is on the verge. The atmosphere of the film transmits the atmosphere of the book fully: a gloomy despair, sea of negative and spite, evil gathers strength and it becomes stronger with each day and moves to the cherished purpose tirelessly, people weaken under its pressure and even can not resist it.

Here is atmosphere of despair, when, it would seem, there is no hope already. And it is shown in the grey-dark gamut of film. Here are not bright shots, game of light, saturated dabs of palette. Everything is dark and despondently here. And atmosphere of uncanny tension makes to watch the film with unflagging interest. Two and a half hours will pass quite imperceptibly.

But, what is an idea? This film is about the eternal values of any world. In spite of all gloominess of this story, gathering ahead victory of evil, Harry and his friends have courage, bravery, persistence, hope and faith, to fight for their lives, for lives of other people, for friendship and love. They make their purposeful choice. An extremely complex and even insurmountable test is in front of them. They could turn over from their way, surrender. But, no. They choose the way of fight and do not loose their dignity; the concepts of duty, honor and other moral values are not empty phrases for them yet. And while such people are in this world, the world will stand and will not crash down.

Actors are just magnificent. Certainly, main trinity risks to remain the hostages of their images. But their actor playing grows. We see throwing of Ron, resoluteness of Hermione and indescribable courage of Harry. We see it on the actor faces. All emotions are reflected in their eyes. Off course there are defect and faults. But it is unimportant. It is needed to say about the venerable English actors in this film. Crazy Bellatrix in execution of Helena Bonham Carter does not give possibility to turn away from the screen again, Alan Rikman is bright in his brief appearance and Jason Isaacs is not less magnificent. And off course Ralph Fiennes. Lord Voldemort just charms. His character is etalon of evil again. All his motions, mores, special style of using of magic stick and gloating smile of Voldemort make him more redoubtable and convincing. There are so much force, expressiveness and individuality in his character. Fiennes always was a great actor. And he proved it once again.

A film turned out integral, not only in the plan of actor play but also in sound, light, landscape, costumes. Everything is very organic. A style came back to the film — that, which was in the first series, when every shot returned in childhood to the magic pictures from favorite books. Well, maybe a bit gloomy.

«Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1» is a magnificent movie; maybe it is quite dramatic, but very interesting. It is impossible to watch this film one time; it is desirable to watch it more and more.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 trailer

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