Probably, everybody used to the stereotypes, that everybody is satisfied with their life, that everybody goes to work and do it with pleasure, gets a good salary in correct America. However, it is not true… There live exactly similar people, as we are! They are people, who have similar muddles, problems, dissatisfaction, snobbery, and irresponsibility as we have.

That is why terrible tragedy had taken place because of human factor of inattention and laxity, which were transferred on the screen by Tony Scott. « Unstoppable» is based on the true story.

Occasionally, it is impossible to notice how calamity sneaks up behind routine and boring job!

In the beginning, when a fatal train, with optimistic number 777, begins to move without a machinist, terrible and well-taken indignation appears! How could such thing happen? Why nobody undertake anything at the beginning!

It is beyond comprehension how it is possible to drive a huge train, length of which is more than a kilometer, with toxic chemicals and fuel on board without activated system of safety!

It was done not because of circumstances, but for cutting away the way and for somewhat quicker finish the job…Delay was like a death in this situation!

However, when happened events got known, thank to competent and operative work of journalists, possible consequences of accident becomes obvious, which inspires horror not only in simple people but also in those, who is engaged to take responsible decisions. It was a fatal day for special services: to evacuate thousands of people from small townships, to cover and maintain order on 173 railway crossings and all of this is under the intent eye of the TV cameras!

Their work was complicated by gapers and reporters who whisked here and there, looking for sensation and prevented responsible people to do their job! In proportion as uncontrolled «beast with three seven» gathers speed, dramatic effect of overhanging threat is felt sharper.

Rash precautions begin on the all distance of railway: at first it is needed to prevent a possible crash with oncoming trains, that attempts to stop uncontrolled locomotive with 39 wagons are begun…

It is needed to notice work of operators. They succeeded to capture motion in the shot perfectly and with competence! 40 different perspectives and cameras were used frequently for this purpose. A lot of helicopters were involved in the film also, so that vertical views look very well and accompany all the action.

Even those moments which take place in the cabin of locomotive deserve every praises, because there is not much space and shooting there was very problematic in such conditions. But, constrained conditions were not felt on the screen.

There are special effects in the film, though it is not much there, but it is spectacle and fine incredibly Scott decided to refuse from most of graphics and made a support on a live action.

Stunt men worked excellent! There are a lot of stunts in the film, which were shot not in the pavilion on the green screen, but in the real situations – on the real train, moving with 40—50 miles/hour speed, and some of them were executed even by protagonists.

The sound is just magnificent! From terribly and ominously roaring engine of hellish train, fornication begins, and ground trembles under feet trembles so strongly, as if you are there.

In this kaleidoscope of events there is a place for personal drama, heroism and love, which pushes on crazy acts occasionally! A film holds on two guys generally, who have to risk their lives and to avoid a frontal crash:

Frank (Denzel Washington) is a loving father of two adult girls. In this life he has nothing dearer, than daughters and work of machinist, where he had been working like a mule twenty eighth years already.

Will (Kris Pine) — can not find his place in the life and changes one work by another. This time he decided to make attempt on the railroad.

It is interesting; if he knew what risk and danger he would be exposed the first day, would he do this choice once again?

A film turned out very many-sided: there is a general problem- the threat of catastrophe, there is a conflict between main characters and there is the personal drama of two men, which finishes when news declares that Frank and Will can become victims on the railroad. And all problems, offenses and contradictions itself, because we will not ever wish to part with close person, even under death threat!

That black day changed fates of many people forever…

Watch it and you will not regret!

Unstoppable trailer

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