He refused to die and returned for the sake of one only — the blood feud. After the impertinent bank robbery gang of robbers was attacked by the other gang. Money was stolen; all participants of robbery were killed.

However, a driver succeeded to survive in the bloody slaughter by a fluke. 10 years later, on expiration of imprisonment term for robbery, he goes out from prison. Now he is directed by one unique thirst of blood feud only, after all, his brother was killed during the raid on the command of robbers.

Dynamics and style of the film is felt from the first minutes of narration. Atmosphere is very tense: anxiety, fury and intolerance are felt. Character of Dwayne Johnson waited too long, to waste even a second for anything except achievement of his purpose. All raiders are in his list and he will come for them all. A staggering shooting and magnificent dynamics immerses in a certain action, which will not release viewer till «Rock» pays the killers of his brother Back. «He is only one, who loved me» — the infuriated driver explains his actions.

He is a criminal. He runs and looks for something. And he finds it, rushes forward, and the brother’s photo pursues him every step. There is a story of ex-criminal who wants to avenge for his blood. All cars stop, when he crosses the street. He wants nothing more than revenge only – making to feel these people what his brother felt.

Each time, when imperturbable Dwayne Johnson, as if charged train, rushes into life of one of who is responsible for death of his brother, tension reaches apogee and a viewer freezes, expecting denouement of events. Requital follows immediately, accompanied by brutal scenes of violence. There are no fear, no doubts, no hope, only anger in him.  The «Rock» operates simply and effectively, and it is necessary to admit that it looks very effective, thank to shooting.

Story of driver is diluted by two subject lines also. The first is Billy Bob Thornton line — cop, investigating case of revenging driver, together with a charming detective Carla Gugino. The second line belongs to the assassin, who was authorized to stop a Johnson hero. He spends all his life, testing and achieving complete perfection in everything, from yoga and concluding weapon.

A killer locks horns with «mean machine» in the face of Johnson, interpreting possibility of murder of driver like more extreme test. But it is no so easy…

The movie has unexpected subject turns and good action. Each time, when the hero can doubt in the rightness of his doings, flashbacks of brother’s murder return him on the path of vengeance.

The film is built interestingly — Day 1, Day 2 and so on — days pass quickly. Actions are not chaotic and not scattered, everything clear and efficient.

Ending of the movie is very unexpected and original.

It is necessary to notice that this film is not built on the blood. Accent was made on psychology. Soundtracks are just great. «Faster» is an atmospheric action and exactly this makes it interesting, and that is why it is watched lightly. It made happy for a while that here is place for beautiful, bright and clear love and one of the main problems is a family.

«Faster » — is fast action glaringly which directs a viewer to the question of forgiveness and justification of protagonist cruel acts as commitment a justice. A film turned out very dynamic, tense and quite cruel.

Faster trailer

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