Tangled is just a marvelous beautiful, charming, funny and kind cartoon film! It does not try to be ultra-modern and sharp. However, it is specimen of Disney, which everybody knows and loves by its essence and structure!

Yes, it is a fairytale. The fairytale has a subject, which can be screened any time. The Subject is even «retro» in some manner. It means that fairy tales are shot not many today. Fairy-tales, where there are no parodies and underlined contemporaneity. «Tangled» is a classic fairytale, but it is made with the use of the newest technologies. It looks modernly and palatably, in spite of the complete tearing off from the modern world and immersion in the fairytale world.

A scenario writer, Dan Fogelman, deserves «Oscar» in his area unambiguously. No one cartoon of studio has such a brilliant scenario as this one. Taking all the best from known Disney princesses, he thought a bit and put down in appearance of Rapunzel just two traits, which mark out her sharply from her colleagues on a «workshop». And it is not about magic hair curing diseases and granting conventionally eternal youth. Firstly, Rapunzel is a neurotic. Secondly, Rapunzel has a mother. And appearance of wonderful Prince becomes not at the minimum so long-awaited, but not so unclouded as the maximum. Not to mention the conflict with a mother who is always right.

The subject of «Tangled» is very thought over to the smallest details. There is everything: truly funny humor and wonderful romanticism, magnificent magic and wicked witch. The subject develops exactly with that speed which is needed. Concerning the presenting of the story, the prologue looks very originally, it shows what was off screen clearly: in particular, who, why and what for sharpened a girlie into the tower, how she lived there, what she did, what she ate!

Creators stepped aside from classic story, showing a wonderful prince on the white horse as a petty thief with experience.

The adventures of heroes can not be named very tangled and unusual, but all of them are saturated with a fairytale, which could get lost fully, if the heroes were the bas of it. Marvelous story becomes naive and predictable even, but it remains very charming.

Characters of the cartoon are thrown about «black» and «white» clearly. Their characters are crystal. If a hero seems good, so he will, probably, be. Something positive is in any man in this fairytale, it is necessary just to look closely. Rapunzel is embodiment of kindness, decency and astonishing vivacity of character, which nothing can take away. She is like the sun — light and warm. Flynn is charming hero-sloven, who evokes an unusual sympathy at once. His attitude change to Rapunzel makes you not wonder, but rejoices.

It is necessary to mark out chameleon Paskal and horse Maximus by individual line. A charming little friend of Rapunzel turned out not an addition to her, but an independent character fully. Maximus is a surprising finding- horse-bloodhound, which does not have the caress and love.

Enough traditional technique with the transformed robbers in some measure plays with new paints here also. And a witch does not abandon at all external digestibility of doubts in her essence.

Cartoon seems not absolutely modern because it is done in the genre of musical. Alas, cartoons are shot seldom in this genre today. Songs are very nice here. «Tangled» deserves staging on the theatrical scene! Almost every song is magnificent and bright and deserves the rank of hit.

A humor in the movie is traditional enough, but very light and funny. There are no wicked jokes or even jokes with a double bottom in the film, but there are a lot of amusing moments, making to laugh.

The cartoon is very beautiful. Starting with startling beauty of the forests and castles and ending with attractive characters.

There is a minimum of violence in the cartoon, so that the movie can be watched even by quite-quite little audience, what can not be said about the ominous fairytale of the same name of Grimm Brothers, which can be read to the small kids as a punishment for bad behavior: frightful and insidious witch, blind king’s son, who jumped out from the tower and crept then on neighborhood searching her beloved, living in poverty girl, who inhabits in the forest with two new-born. All of it can not make happy a child before sleep, but it would scare a child.

As a result «Tangled» is excellent traditional cartoon with a good video, soundtrack and subject.

It lets viewers to turn away from their troubles and to relax enjoying the movie.

This is one of the best cartoons of last decade; exactly such films are called classics unambiguously.

Tangled trailer

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