Romantic Comedy “The Back-Up Plan”

The movie “Back-Up Plan” may have a caption that it’s a romantic comedy but the truth is that it is neither romantic nor comedic. The whole story is dull and predictable for any normal audience. You cannot find anything that creates interest in this movie. In the movie, actress Jennifer Lopez portrays the role of a pet store owner, Zoe. She is single but gives birth to twins after artificial insemination. Everything was going smoothly in Zoe’s life until she meets Stan. He is a cheese maker and Zoe soon falls in love with him. She then confesses to Stan her condition which makes the couple to separate. The character Stan is portrayed by actor Alex O’Loughlin. The movie has a happy ending but the director fails to hold the audience on their seats as there is nothing interesting to see in the movie. The movie contradicts much of the Catholic moral teachings and portrays opposite views on love, marriage and parenthood. The film contains some materials which are inappropriate for children under 13 years of age and so it is advisable that the parents take special attention before deciding to go for the movie.

The Back-Up Plan (Full Review)

“The Back-Up Plan” is a directorial venture of Alan Poul. The makers of the film claim it to be a romantic comedy, but such a caption is not found suiting to this film. It is a dull movie where all scenes can be easily predicted and neither there is any romance nor comedy. The film has two major flaws, there is no chemistry between the two lead characters and most importantly the movie takes a wrong move on how to have a baby.

Zoe is the lead character of the film and is portrayed by Jennifer Lopez. She is single but wants to have a family of her own. With this intention she approaches a fertility clinic and takes artificial insemination to get pregnant. Zoe is thrilled to be pregnant and also very happy that she did it of her own without getting into a relation with anyone. Soon someone intrudes into her life. This is Stan a cheese maker with whom Zoe falls into love. They get into a relationship and have sex together and she later reveals her condition to Stan. The rest of the movie alternates between Stan and Zoe pledging their unending support for each other, but later the pair decides to end their relationship and get separated.

The film gives out a message which is exactly opposite to the catholic moral teachings. The single parenthood and artificial insemination is something which does not get along catholic virtues. Zoe wanted to stay single and raise family of her own. She gets her baby at any cost but when she finds Mr. Right in her life, pregnancy comes in her way forcing her to separate from her newly found love. Zoe chooses a path which is wrong according to the catholic teachings and she had to face the consequences for that.
User Rating: 4.2/10

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