It is sufficient one charisma villain to make this autumn brighter and colorful. Dream Works Animation and Paramount Pictures have him!

«Megamind» is kind family cartoon with a fascinating subject and great music. And it is true, because the composer of this movie is Hans Zimmer. His works are always on the highest level, which can not leave anybody unmoved.

A film narrates about an alien creature, naming himself (on modest measures) Megamind; about certain indecent social outcast, who is like wild animal, coursed into the cage from his birth. He, like nobody else, knows about essence prepared him by fate, and understands that there is only one pleasure, he can get… And this pleasure is general hatred.

His vital credo is amusing fight against a super hero, who rescues a city from danger tuned by Megamind for delectation of public again and again. Alack, superhero Metro Man understands with sorrow, that life of superhero is not his vocation, but probably it is boring occupation obtruded by society, and that is why he decides to feign his own death and having waited a new battle with villain of the city he leaves to conquer the club stage in his small, derelict house.

After this Megamind along with his menial get everything. «I got all, but I have noting» — Megamind understands. All his essence striving to find his unique aim in his life, decides to create a new super hero, whom he finds in shallow, potbellied and negligent operator of the local TV channel. In defiance of intention of villain a new hero does not intend to become a kind defender of glorious Metro-city. Now Megamind must decide — to accept the side of good, which has never accepted him or to destroy the city reuniting with created monster.

This movie is peculiar stimulus for every one who has lost himself. Complexes, uncertainty, fears are based on the failures of the past can be refined for all of us. «Megamind» carries very delicate psychological loading, which any judicious man perceives sufficiently and dissecting a small analysis comes to that symbiosis of good and evil can have other side of medal always. There are some moments when each of us needs small chance to prove out. Hero of new cartoon proves clearly, that a person chooses his fate himself. It is essential to see it only. How? You will see it in the novelty of the season «Megamind», which will take the deserving place in any video collection — superb special effects, excellent direction, magnificent production and very literate sense embedded in the film.

«Megamind» is a cartoon with the rich internal world. The most important problems of everyday life open up in it: from love to betrayal. But authors go farther! The problems of mega scope are interpreted in this cartoon by clear language and simple examples, which everybody understands: what is evil for good and good for evil? Serious scope? No, it is genius find of scenario writers.

So who is Megamind? Is he villain or hero? Neither the first nor the second, he is just himself with his mental wounds, impracticable plans, grandiose ideas. He just tries to find himself like each of us and, eventually, he finds his true face.

An idea of evolution of evil in good shocks imagination and shows clearly, that a small part of light and darkness lives in one person, and also it shows their indissoluble connection.

It is opened up in a lot of comedy situations, accompanied by fascinating and spectacle action scenes, however all of this is only a background for very beautiful and non-standard history of love in fact.

So it turned out that in the basis of every reason is love exactly, which, does not know dividing on the sides of «good» and «evil», but it exists by itself independently. And it can lead to anything, having made real rebel-destroyer of potential hero, and having made villain to think about sense of his own existence and accomplished actions. All of that, what is born on motives of the personal drama and resistance in the soul, opens up here through senses. And that is why story of fight of good and evil is just decoration to romantic motive.

The subject is very interesting, thanks that an adult viewer will not lose interest to the actions on the screen for sure, and will spend useful time. Children also will be pleased by unbelievable triumph of graphics, and also numerous jokes and fervent humor.

«Megamind» is exciting attraction of merriment and spectacle, with a great number of interesting openings and brilliant realization of original ideas; it just has to bring the sea of pleasure.

Megamind trailer

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