Love and other drugs

Love and other drugs is a movie which is screened basing on the book of Jeremy Reidy “Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman”. It describes his experience of working as a sales representative in a pharmacological company Pfizer and all the hardships of this job. Charles Randolph (the interpreter) adapted a script of a movie. In a hospital young sales representative meets an attractive woman that has a hard-curing disease.

Maggie Murdock (played by Anne Hathaway) is a charming and independent woman that will not allow anyone to disturb her freedom. She is a promiscuous artist with Parkinson’s disease on the first stage who doesn’t let the illness to interrupt living her life. They show in a movie how she attends Parkinson’s support group. Here are people with more visible symptoms of illness than hers. They make jokes about the way and kind of their own lives. But when she meets Jamie, she can not resist him. He has skills to use his charm that unfailingly effects on the people of opposite sex and on his clients.

Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a drop out from a medical school that comes from a very wealthy family. Jamie is in his mid-twenties and thinks that he is a born to be a sales man. He loves attention given him by women. We see him natural when he charms other customers that are ready to take their pants off when he is working at an electronic store. For which he gets fired. His family always worries whether he can ever make something above average happen. Jamie’s financially successful brother Josh (Josh Gad) had just sold his software company for millions. He is entirely aware of this and advises Jamie to try to become a pharmaceutical sales representative. He arranges an interview for him with Pfizer, a huge pharmaceutical company. Josh is convinced that his brother is able to sell anything to anyone.

Jamie visits a three-week training course to become a drug representative before starting to sell medicaments. Under a supervision of Bruce (Oliver Platt) Jamie gets his first assignment to convince doctors and their staff to prescribe Pfizer’s new anti-depressant, Zoloft. As he maneuvers through hospitals, in one of them he meets Maggie. Their first meeting is a little bit shameful but Jamie got interested by the personality of this young woman and her funny attitude to health. Maggie is not obsessed about her degenerate problem at her age. And she doesn’t care about all mating games that Jamie has. They both understand that their opinions resemble in lots of things: they both support relations without commitments. Sex for these two people is like a possibility to runaway from emptiness and false that happen to be in their lives.

In the beginning their relationships are strictly based on sex and both seem to be happy with it. Jamie goes on selling the medicine and earning more money than he ever dreamed about. Maggie is satisfied with being independent. But in time their relationships develop and they don’t notice how they start to take care about each other. Jamie helps Maggie to suffer her disease and he is glad to struggle for someone than discovering a way how to fill the shelves of his clients with the products he has to sell. But at the same time they both refuse to believe that their “no-boundary” relations had already been transformed to another stage.

Overall it’s a movie about a guy who meets a woman that uses and throws away men the way he treats other women. Also, we should say that there are lots of sex scenes that are tastefully done. Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway just have such a great chemistry. Anne Hathaway is so adorable; she puts her previously shown things of sexually aggressive princes in this movie. And Jake Gyllenhaal uses his charm adding a touch of a player to his innocent looking eyes and brings his role to an entirely renewed stage. It is a movie about what happens after all that dating, when things get serious and you get used to it.

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