This fall writer and director Steven Antin would like to present you his debut movie Burlesque. It is already an all sides directed story about a young girl from a small town in Iowa who has huge ambitions and decides to hit a big city to fulfill her ideas as a singer. When she was 7 her mother died, so she knows something about life. Ali Rose (starring Christina Aguilera) with only one small bag and a little bit of cash in her wallet packs her bags and leaves her hometown to find a better luck.

She follows her dreams straight to L.A., but a big city quickly teaches her that changing a city doesn’t mean that you can get success right away. Once she comes to Los Angeles, she goes to additions and walks through the streets, looking for a job ending up on a Sunset Boulevard, where she sees neon signboard of “Burlesque”. It is a night club that is situated in a huge but ancient theater. She buys a ticket for 20$ which carries a girl over to the perfect world she has never known about, but she is confident, she wants to be there. A bunch of semi-clad girls hit the stage each night to light up the crowd with well-choreographed dances and lip-synching routines. The place is owned and headlined by Tess (Cher who we see in a movie after seven-year retirement).

When Ali sees her terrific performance on stage, captivating all the audience with her beautiful voice, she loves the theater. So, she decides to get a job of dancer. It is evident that there is no available one and nobody believes she has dancer skills. Ali still persists on working there, and wears down Tess to give her a job at least as a cocktail waitress. She bonds with a hot bartender Jack. But of course Ali is intended to go higher and once to hit the stage.

Soon enough she becomes friends with a featured dancer and a nice-girl Georgia (Julianne Hough) that is about to leave Burlesque due to an unforeseen pregnancy. And she finds enemies with hard drinking and jealous head performer Nikki (Kristen Bell). When she sabotages her solo turn, Tess decides to find someone fresh to bring the crowd back to the theater. During the new auditions, Ali surprises everyone that she can sing. Finally it is her time to shine, Ali convinces Tess and a sharp-minded stage manager Sean (played by Stanley Tucci) in the auditions because he not just knew all the numbers in a show, but had the kind of an startling and great voice that instantly turns the dancers’ ceremony. She also falls in love with Jack, whose fiancé is off in New York acting on Broadway. Ali makes her way from bar to stage. Her spectacular voice restores Burlesque to its former glory.

But with Ali’s successful rise, the plot rotates around headmistress Tess that can loose her club. It happens that she has a mortgage that she has not money to pay. Her co-owner and ex-husband Vince (Peter Gallegher) hopes to turn an income on the club. For getting it he wants to sell it to Marcus (Eric Dane), who is a real estate developer and a regular customer of Burlesque. He is not only interested in buying the club, but in Ali too. Ali has to decide, whether to accept Marcus and to help Tess save the Lounge or to stay with Jack, who she really loves.

As for the cast, here we have two divas with strong voices. It is pleasant to see Cher come back to cinematography, using her strong vocal chords with good resonance. The role she has in this movie doesn’t really fit her Academy Award winning talent. She has one musical number in the beginning of a movie. The second solo number is a sort of monologue that she sings about the pain that she has loosing her club. Usually she is just standing backside watching Ali shine.

This movie can please lots of Christina Aguilera fans. She appears in good shape as both a singer and an actor in her big-screen debut. Her tremendously high volume voice can please also those who think her acting as a bad attempt in cinematography. There won’t be any moment in a movie where you doubt her talent. After you watch a movie you probably would want to see Christina taking a Broadway role. Stanley Tucci does his best having a supporting role. He is Tess’s ex-lover and a best friend who’s always making humorous remarks but tenderly loves her.

The whole movie is a continuous chain of stunning musical numbers, which are performed with a flimsy lustre and deafening volume of L.A. The story does get a little tedious and predictable in some moments. If you are going to see Burlesque it will be more like watching a show or a musical, but it will still stay entertaining.

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