The Next Three Days

“The Next Three Days” is the one of most highly-anticipated thrillers of this autumn. Despite of the fact it is a remake of French film “Pour Elle” (2007), Hollywood’s interpretation drew much more attention even though it received mixed reviews among viewers and critics.

The film was directed by Paul Haggis (“Crash”, “In the Valley of Elah”) and released on November 19, 2010 in most countries. “The Next Three Days” cast is astonishing, not to mention that Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are starring as protagonists. Opening weekend box office reached $6,542,779 (USA). Total worldwide gross revenue as of December 5 is almost $20 million (according to Now let’s get down to the plot.

Events depicted in “The Next Three Days” take place in today’s world. Russell Crowe’s character is a married man, John Brennan. A quite ordinary and calm life of the married couple with their son becomes all messed up in a moment, when Brennan’s wife, Lara (played by Elizabeth Banks) gets accused of a murder. And then he is going to get his wife out of jail at all costs. But given the fact that John Brennan has lost trust to the legal system and the police, he’s going to set Lara free himself. Brennan has no doubts that she is not guilty, even not letting any converse version arise in his mind. As he stayed just in two with their son, he raises him alone, while digging into even smallest details which may be of use to either prove Lara’s innocence or help her escape. He stops at nothing, and gets in contact with a writer of a book depicting successful escapes from jail. (That writer is played by Liam Neeson.) After meeting with him, John Brennan convinces himself that idea of escape is plausible and starts to prepare its realization.

In order to carry out what he planned, Brennan has to come through dramatic changes in his personality. Still continuing the life of concessive teacher from school and a caring father, John goes to being a guy who is on close terms with guns. He purchases the tools needed for the plan in neighborhoods. Although it may appear somewhat unrealistic for such a scheme to work out in reality, Russell Crowe depicts John with proper willpower and conscientiousness, so you actually start to believe that virtually anything can be achieved if you struggle hard enough…

The plot’s motion is really fast so before you notice it, the breaking reality of drama is in effect. Running in slightly over 2 hours, “The Next three Days” doesn’t rest in depicting the two main protagonists’ progress. Which of course reveals the talent from Russell Crowe and maybe even more so in Elizabeth Banks. Elizabeth’s scenes are utterly sweet and vivid, yet they are short and dynamical. The diversity of emotion you pick out from her character makes for authentic mystery and naturalness.

The director’s work proves to be decent as well. Paul Haggis (the director and writer of the film) positively knows how to establish a sincere, true to life movie. It is an extremely anxious and thrilling motion picture on its own. Liam Neeson was incredible as in most his performances. His role in this story is a real strong bolt which gets the characters’ progress up and running. Olivia Wilde made her appearance as a reliable friend and neighbor, so she was important and right-in-the-place too. Brennans’ son also is depicted very true and vibrant to life.

To sum things up, “The Next Three Days” is highly recommended. It is undoubtedly a top thriller with an exciting edge of the seat act, empowered by delightfully touching situations and thick primary subtext of undying love that stops at nothing.

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