The American

One more time Anton Corbijn created shocking masterpiece. If «Control» is an ideal embodiment of black-and-white photo, that «American» is an ideal color decision of frozen reality.

«American» is a film without skirmishes, explosions, special effects and jokes. It does not have even just a subject. No, there is a subject is certainly, but it is enough simple and all its sense consists of that, not to prevent the main- transmissions of atmosphere of the unique small Italian town by means of the adjusted shots. Every shot was obviously adjusted a slim line in order to feel the spirit of this city, emotions which attend guests of this wonderful place.

The subject of the «American» is enough simple. Some assassin is going to retire after certain bad events. However it is very complicated, because there is a strict boss, who does not want to part with such a valuable specialist. And our hero rides to the Italian backwoods, in order to hide and wait till a storm, or may be quite to pull the pin. But there is the last and very unusual order, which can become either pass to a new life or ticket to the nether world for protagonist.

Everything is fully traditionally and without special turns. The subject is not the main constituent in this film, but nevertheless it is presented very and very deservingly, inasmuch as inevitable cliche and stamps are not plagued with its presence, that is already good. However, it is needed to mean that there a minimum of action in the movie, by the highest standards, a subject is build on making tension and pursuit atmosphere.

Characters of the film play significant role, and in this case actor works leave the most positive impression. George Clooney is a height as usual: restraint, prudence, equanimity are combined with permanent fear for own life, and his usual charm absents here, that is very even new. Paolo Bonacelli looks very interesting in a role of wise life priest, pursued sins, accomplished in the past.

Thekla Reuten also made happy for a while by image of requester of the last deal: confidence, restraint, elegance, charisma and grace in every movement- just great; and the scene of examination of rifle, in general, is presented just incredibly. All the main roles are executed in a very unobtrusive manner; everything is on the right place. And there is no such a feeling, that you look the «theater of one actor», since Clooney does not pull over all viewer attention on himself, other characters also develop in a process of narration.

Cold grey and dark blue tones, quite unobtrusive and almost north sun, restrained paints… It is very non-standard approach; it is evidently at once, that a producer has a big experience in the clip shooting. A camera savors every detail literally, getting in the object-glass, and it does so softly and unobtrusively as if you look amazing set of photos. The panoramic shootings also cause delight at the same time. But there is not beauty for the sake of beauty. A producer obviously put a purpose to himself to show not simply fate of the hero, but to show his daily life with its all «charms», including permanent fear, cold, loneliness, mistrust. A camera often moves after hero, as if pursuing and overtaking him. It is not needed to forget about weapon, which is much presented in the film. But its assembling is presented rather as certain very specific creative work.

Especially a film made happy for a while by the presence of beautiful women. The idea to represent death with a beautiful face is not new, but Thekla Reuten surpassed her predecessors. This is not already vamp woman from a number of those who collaborated with James Bond. Rather «simple Italian girl», nevertheless understanding a weapon not worse than many men. And this unconstraint makes her character more shocking.

Anton Corbijn incarnated simple and therefore real subject. He managed to show living, real character — lonely, not young assassin, tired from the eternal wanderings, permanent tension and ghosts of the past. In spite of practically complete absence of the dynamic scenes, it is impossible to turn away from viewing. A film charms literally, you flow together with it, being afraid to violate this thin connection and quiet harmony.

So what is «American»? It is certainly thriller, going out beyond a genre, inasmuch as an aesthetic constituent is incredibly strong in this film and it moves aside a subject and action to the background. This movie will fit to rather melancholy and thoughtful mood, because it performs a contemplative constituent on 70 percent. And the main-film does not leave bad impression; it is light as a butterfly, as blade of grass. But it is unable to forget it…

The American trailer

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