If a weak and stupid man is cruel, it is disgusting. But if a clever and bold man is cruel, it is terrifically. Such a man is obliged to be kind… Many important life problems are lighted in the film of Gregor Jordan. It is possible to think whole eternity above these problems, writing next dissertation work. Is murder of one possible for the sake of lives of many hundred thousands people? Question is very difficult. On the one hand, let one to die and others will live. From other side, this one is the same, as we are.

He has a wife, children, problems and interests. Maybe, he was made to do this act by us. Maybe, exactly our thoughtless actions or actions of government compel despairing personalities to pass to the extreme measures. Here are continuous questions and to get answers is problematic.

History of Steven Arthur Younger is shown in a film. This man served in the US army and was sent to Iraq. A guy was trained military work with success, he learned to make explosive. A strong internal core, self-control and steel nerves were formed in this man. In one of those days, when nothing special happens and life simply goes the turn, Younger understood that his country which he loved by all heart betrayed him even after his death.

Stephen realized that government actually doesn’t care about population, just people. A man was not satisfied with doings of the USA. Stephen Arthur Younger, trying to change something, placed three explosives in the most densely populated places of America. He had the requirements to the government, which had to be executed, otherwise explosions would wrap the USA and many people would die.

This film successfully shows us secrecy of what is hidden and is not in full view. It personally lets us to deep in those love affairs which are weaved a plot in the highest echelons of government. It gives us food for thinking and food for realizing who is right and who is not. A thin line lies between good sense and devotion to the motherland.

Monstrous deeds are happened behind shut the doors of the old neglected complex, which would not find approval among simple Americans. Here, a man is tortured, who placed three nuclear bombs in the central cities of America. Who will accuse «H» ( Samuel L. Jackson) of his methods violate Genevan Convention?

The genre of this film is psychological thriller. And this is not in vain. From the first moments of viewing every your cell is filled by stated situation. You will feel that you begin to experience about all characters. And all three main heroes evoke sympathy in the certain moments.

A man, who manages interrogation masterly in excellent execution of Samuel L. Jackson, evokes the most real compassion in some moments. What are reasons of this compassion? The reason of it is a man is in the condition of despair, he is obliged to execute all of it, peculiar mission is laid on him, which is corrected by the government of the US. Carrie-Anne Moss is just great. This heroine personifies all of us; she is such fighter for justice and the truth.

The main suspected, Stephen Arthur Younger, he is Michael Sheen, is just peerless. Probably, nobody accept him could earnestly play the role of a man, who believe what he do piously. Beginners and even advanced actors could be jealous of his devotion. If everybody plays as he do, movie would sell out as fresh hot doughnuts By his self-feedback, all beginners and not very much beginnings actors would envy, in fact if everybody played, because he, films would be sold out, as the prepared strawberry patties are fresh.

Operator work is excellent. Everything looks thus, as if you are a participant and witness of what goes on. A light picture gave pleasure for a while, without any darkening and other such effects.

As s result, a film turned out shocking. A psychological edge between permitted and necessary is passed on a hundred percent. And all the scandals which developed during the movie, all those moral and heartfelt problems which were affected in this film, made everybody think not only about what happens but also helped to imagine oneself in the protagonist’s place.

Unique dynamics of the film, allows entering it and feeling all the pain of the main experimental and main heroine deeply. Such idea and its development in general say that the movie was not made by fools, but very smart people.

Film is really genius; this is that rarest case, when you even choose a side and feel the rightness, but however are not sure in the fallaciousness of opinion of opponent till the end.

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