A devil is the utmost evil; it is something behind the edge of the human understanding. He can be anywhere, invisible, but insidious invariably, cruel and merciless. To take for basis of the movie vague fear before him and try to develop it to perceptible horror is outstanding task. It is difficult to play the most obvious thing such way that the result would not seem naivety and banality. Scenario writer, M. Night Shyamalan, made an effort to release the utmost fear in the film «Devil».

It is considered deservedly, that the main salt of project is unusual and intriguing subject, where in the centre is event, which happens, it seems, in our real ordinary world and evil forces are engaged in this events. The story of the film takes place on edge of the real and weird world, thus it looks so interestingly, that it is impossible to turn away from viewing. It would seem, what unusual can be in the simple trip on the lift, but the scenario writer of the film created though not very original, but very interesting idea.

Nevertheless, an action is not limited by the close lift cabin. Life boils outside, clouds thicken up and urgent investigation goes on. Swallow of fresh air in the form of plans of city which continues to live, which doesn’t care an incident— and again in the stuffy, dark atmosphere of despair.

It is important to notice the detective constituent of the project: perhaps, the most interesting in this mystic thriller is a long-awaited answer for a question: «Who did Devil move into? » The characters in this film were such, that it is possible to rise a whole discussion about answer of this question. All heroes behave somehow suspiciously, everybody stand out from general crowd of ordinary people, and everybody has some strange glitter in the eyes.

Producer took people who are unknown in the wide circle of viewers for the main roles, and it had an effect, because characters look very naturally and strikingly. And the company of fellow travelers on the lift appeared variegated: marine, black-skinned guard, elderly woman with weak nerves, and also young a bit strange girl.

Thus if everybody behaves normally at the beginning, as soon as mystic forces interfere in ordinary situation from life, relations between people become heated, and they begin to behave so strange, that it will be a lot of hypotheses about essence of Devil till the movie end.

Characters in the film turned out very different: everybody has own past, character, behavior. It is very interesting to watch them and what the most important- all of them play on the good level. Eventually, it is needed to thank actors for good play.

In spite of great number shoot films with similar subject, «Devil» however, appears fully interesting, intriguing, and the main is captivating. In spite of comparatively small budget, the project made happy for a while by technical constituent. Here were not some fantastic and extraordinary scenes, but nevertheless, the spectacle and even frightful scenes were presented.

So rating of the movie does not match with a film: however episodes of violence of weird force above unlucky casual fellow travelers of Devil looked crueler, than it was possible suppose.

There were used expressive facilities of the cinema for creation of ominous atmosphere of the movie. In this meaning the first shots are significant, which, with help of tense music and view of inverted panorama, create feeling of presence of weird power.

One of the big pluses of the film is amusing detective intrigue making viewer to suspect in turn that, that and that character… «In fact people became to be similar to devil in their pretense» — it is said in the movie. Therefore, using of closed space, as means which let to incandesce feelings to limit and takes out veritable essence of human outside, is not random.

It is necessary to mark genre of the movie. Is it horror?  No, it is too far. Rather «Devil» is a psychological thriller with inclusions of mysticism. There will be a lot of stressed moments which really makes to scare…

One of the most important dignities of the film is an edifying finale which turns out more important than solution of personality of devil.

«Devil» is high quality mystic thriller-detective, which stands out by very interesting idea, concluding interference of weird forces in the events of the real world. «Devil» is a movie, proving, that talent of M. Night Shyamalanas as scenario writer has not run away yet.

Devil trailer

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