“Just Wright” – Triangle Love Story

The film by the Director Sanaa Hamri and script writer Michael Elliot is a true and honest approach to perfect entertainment with enduring values. It is all about a triangle love story between a nonromantic physiotherapist (Queen Latifah), a basketball player (Rapper Common) and an attractive flirt type girl (Paula Patton). The background of the story is pleasant and likable to all viewers especially the teens. Apart from an instance of use of rough language and an implied premarital relation, the film is a truly crowd puller. The movie is rated as A-II—adults and adolescents by the Catholic News Service.

Just Wright (Full Review)

The film starts with a hardworking physiotherapist Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) who is a simple nonromantic girl. The heroine is a great fan of New Jersey Nets. She has a younger attractive flirtatious girl Morgan Alexander (Paula Patton) who is her god sister and lives with her and her parents (James Pickens Jr. and Pam Grier). Leslie has a single ambition in her life, of becoming the wife of a basketball player. But she admits that she is a simple home girl, without much attraction. The heroine wins the hearts of the viewers due to her pleasant and likable simple ways, whereas her god sister Morgan is interested in worldly matters and spends most of the time in shopping and other silly matters.

The most interesting part of the film is when Leslie meets a professional basketball player of her dreams Scott McKnight (Rapper Common) who gets impressed by the personality of Leslie and asks her to join him in a party in his mansion. Morgan accompanies Leslie for the party, and using her flirtatious ways attracts Scott to herself. Scott gets attracted by the attractive Morgan who decides to marry her. This breaks the heart of poor Leslie, who keeps to herself her sorrows. At this part of the story, a great breakthrough occurs that the hero gets a severe knee injury. This injury was believed to end the career of the talented Nets star.

The true nature of Morgan is reveled when she understands that her fiancé cannot be a possible star and leaves him. Leslie takes up the situation and inspires Scott to recover and guide him with her appealing personality. She represents a patient lover who is ready to sacrifice herself for her man. The story is about how a simple home girl wins the heart of a guy and be an inspiration to him. All that is well ends well, and so this story also ends on a happy note.

The warm and pleasant story emphasizes on enduring values and has a message to convey. The movie is rated by the Motion Picture Association of America as PG-parents guidance suggested for single use of bad language and an implied premarital relation. But the movie is a true entertainer and liked by all, especially the teens. Just Wright by the Director Sanaa Hamri has all the elements of value based movie that is true love, inspiration and comedy.

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