Legend of the Guardians

Every kid in childhood believes in miracles and magic by all heart, and that good always wins evil. But… some time all children grow and legends become ordinary flashbacks or forgotten at all, dreams move away to background and usual grey weekdays begin. Protagonist of this movie is an owlet Soren, who prepares to adult life, but he can not take final leave of his dreams and child’s naivety.

He lives by histories about night guardians, who rescued this world from evil sovereign long ago. Faith in his heart gives him power, and courage and kindness help him to become part of legend, which he always dreamed about…

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole» is animation movie on the basis of book series «Guardians of Ga’Hoole »of the American authoress Kethrin Lasky. Works are executed in the genre of fantasy and tell about the world which is inhabited by rational animals. The main role of narration is derived to owls; actually, Ga’Hoole is a sacred tree, and main house for all owls.

Avid and ambitious owls who name themselves «Clean» steal young owlet Soren and his brother Kludd for making reality of their plan — capture of lordship over all owls. However, Soren succeeds to escape, and he goes to search Guardians — those, whom legends are composed about, fearless warriors who already rescued the world from domination of evil.

This animation movie is not ordinary typical kind tale about a hero who rescues the world, but about a naive child who has not seen anything bad in his life yet and he sincerely believes in victory of good over an evil. Any adult can be envious of bravery, courage, purposefulness and self-sacrifice of protagonist.

Every character is exceptional individuality with own character and failings, which adds certain flavor and uniqueness to this tale. Delicate humor will make to smile even the most sullen viewer, and unexpected turns of events electrify to the last minute.

Certainly, the first that strikes is shocking graphic and animation. That crazy money, which were allotted on graphic, were not spent in vain and studio Animal Logic, which created all this beauty, deserves the highest estimations and praises. A movie impresses and touches imagination… to caresses fantastic sunsets above the sea, rain drops, which break against the feathers of owls, to admire fantastic locations where main events occur. Graphics is excellent, bravo Animal Logic.

Musical accompaniment is also on a height level. However, it was seen from the trailer. Music complements a picture surprisingly precisely, as though adds it a volume.

Certainly, there are also some predictable and even a bit banal elements in the movie, but it does not make it worse. Children will be in rapture from movie, and adults will rest and remember childhood and dreams, cause, this is the most important in fact, in fact while we dream — we exist!

A subject is enough simple and plain, though it is hidden behind images of more new characters for the cinema — owls. Evil always hidden somewhere alongside and builds the insidious plans, how to smash the universe and enslave all and all. But as usual heroes appear and rescue the whole World, and Good, eventually, wins evil»!

Characters of heroes are thought over and presented very vividly and realistically. Each of them has the character, a world view and even special sense of humor, so that all heroes are harmoniously fit in general picture of subject. A film is viewed at one breath and it is desirable over and over to submerge in the world of dizzy flights, colorful events and new adventures.

Katherin Lasky and army of admirers of her work will be satisfied by screening and production. As for those, who did not read the books of authoress after which the film was shot, at least will get mass of pleasure of shocking graphics, nice and wonderful owls, and also of relaxation from not new, but, always gripping history, when «Good wins evil». It is desirable to mark that film is for child’s audience, what subject and scenario testifies to. But adults can get not less pleasure, because there is something to look at and surprise, listen and enjoy.

Legend of the Guardians trailer

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