My soul to take

Wes Craven is a man, presented us a trilogy «Scream» and Freddy Krueger, a man, who presented us a fear. It was impossible to go up on dark stairs upstairs in the porch, or to go to the bathroom at night, and it was terrible to hear «Hello, Sidni!!!» picking up the phone.

But times had already changed, and that things which scared people in 80’s would not scare them now. Craven also understands it perfectly. Could this film scare, that it was natural fear, created by a skilful atmosphere or decorations? Probably, it couldn’t. But it was able to return a viewer (those, who saw old horror movies) in especially that atmosphere. When you watch new film of master strange feeling presents several times that you watch movie produced in 80’s. But in some places Craven shows us modern morals, manners and characters.

In the center of the subject of new film Wes Craven is psychopath, suffering the split personality, who, as on legend, returns after 16 years, in order to kill all teenagers, who were born in the night of his death.

The shocking beginning adds the avalanche of pluses at once to success of this project (already besides a legendary creator). The plot of terrible events of main part of the film turned out, in a high degree, shocking and really frightening, so that no languor and no swinging — horror at once, and at once ineradicable two-faced killer, who become a bloody legend for local population, and portion of acute feelings for viewers.

The main action a bit loses to the gripping beginning, but nevertheless, it continues to be interesting. Partly due to a school theme with problems in the senior pupil surroundings, but in a greater measure due to previous history about killer and seven children, who were born in the day of killer death.

Protagonist is just school looser, with enormous passion to the condors—birds-scavengers, which eat souls of the dead along with flesh. A film is filled with such frightful tales all the first part approximately.

Bloody events will not make waiting for long time, so that murders are not enough original — someone simply operates a knife with insignificant inscription, but it is not clear with personality of killer: whether mysticism with removal of souls, whether a killer just survived and it causes the wild interest.
Especially it is impossible to identify maniac by appearance and new details which come to light step-by-step and diminishing number of heroes make ending of the movie very intriguing…

Mystic part of the film becomes apparent in either diabolism or clinical case of schizophrenia of killer. Murders at the beginning and battle in the final are striking, though carnage is bloody but fleeting.

Characters of senior pupils are rather various, than deep. At the same time arsenal of characters diversify pleasantly: crazy about religion girl, blind fguy and gothic school queen. Family relations, reasons of friendship and details of past make review more involute. Though actors are not acquainted, but they blended in the movie perfectly.

As a result, « My soul to take» creates rather positive impression. It is bloody and hard-edged, shot by all rules of genre.

My soul to take trailer

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