The Social Network

the social network

The Social Network is a movie by David Fincher, a story of Facebook social network – website, created in Harvard dormitory in 2004, which predetermined the way how we will interact and communicate with each other in the 21st century. World premiere started on September 24th, 2010.

Once in a century appears a genius with an incredible idea that changes everything. Mark Zuckerberg – the creator of the Facebook social network, became the world’s youngest ever billionaire. The main difference between Facebook and the existing social networks was namely the possibility of contact. Zuckerberg offered people an easy and convenient way to exchange information about each other. Finding new friends was not the purpose of the website, comfortable contact with relatives and old friends was.

the social network

It is clear that real communities (such as schools and universities) needed this service the most. But in order to succeed, Facebook was supposed to become interesting for anyone else. Mark Zuckerberg launched the site the next year after MySpace, but beat all the competitors in the main issue. He was able to attract not only nerds and internet maniacs to the new network, but the same was true for the rest of the web audience. Zuckerberg made his billions on very simple things (as it will seem nowadays) – the natural needs of the people to communicate and in their aspirations for good reputation. This all became possible through the availability of certain services and versatility of the Internet resource.

David Fincher’s new movie is always a great event for those who like something unusual and unique. His creations have a different atmosphere, style carried over to the image of a big American city with subtle colors, which has a very powerful influence on the perception of what is happening on the screen. But who could expect Fincher’s movie about a social network, according to a controversial book by Ben Mezrich “Billionaires willy-nilly”, in cooperation with the embittered former CFO of Facebook Eduardo Severin?

the social network

Nevertheless, this is a movie and you don’t have to accept all the events as the true Facebook chronicles. Actually, the main advantage of this pattern is detailed characters, due to the excellent selection of the actors. Most part of the movie these characters are talking, sitting at the tables in the clubs, offices, court buildings … Conversations are intellectually rich, with a wonderful sense of humor and sarcasm, are also one of the main influencers on the success of ‘Social Network’. In general, the film aims to evoke sympathy for the man who became the youngest billionaire, deprived of his personal life and best friends. Reaching unprecedented achievements, it is extremely hard to stay who you are, save the friendship, trust loved ones, do not become selfish, greedy person.

Fame collapsed at Zuckerberg in a fairly early age, when he still did not finish college. Now he has a rather capricious nature, not willing to work interfered with usual daily routine. But at the same time he is quite a modest man, an excellent programmer, demanding boss, a spectacular orator, as well as a talented manager and a psychologist, who managed to create a virtual world inhabited by tens of millions of people driven by their need for daily upload of information about each event in their life to the network, and the desire to feel significant. Undoubtedly, Mark is an amazing person…

«Social Network» is aesthetically very beautiful, philosophical movie with the original stage direction and solid acting. Surely, this movie is worth watching.

The Social Network trailer

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