Cobb is a talented thief, the best of the best in the dangerous art of extraction: he steals valuable secrets from the depths of sub-consciousness during sleepping, when human mind is the most vulnerable. The rare capabilities of Cobb made him a valuable player in the world of industrial espionage, but they converted him into an age-old fugitive and deprived everything, what he ever loved.

And now it appears a chance to correct Cobb’s errors. His last affair can return everything back, but for this he needs to commit impossible — initiation. Instead of ideal theft, Cobb and his team of specialists must do the opposite. Now their mission is not to steal an idea, but introduce it. If they turn out, it will become a perfect crime.

But no planning or mastery can prepare a team for meeting with a dangerous adversary, who, seems, guesses every their movement. It’s an enemy, whom only Cobb can see. In the first turn a film strikes by the subject. Apparently, Christopher Nolan had to spend much time to write scenario because such films is not possible to invent at once.

Obviously, Christopher Nolan was carried away by conundrums in childhood. This passion was found its application in ephebic life: at first «Prestige» with its ingenious cunnings of magician, «Inception» now. And in each film Nolan gives a viewer « food for reflections».

Anything similar has never shot before and has not even tried to shoot. Coming forward as a scenario writer and producer of the film, he does not lose any trivia. Any detail in the film has a foundation and logical explanation under itself.

The idea itself, which is laid in the scenario of this film is unique. What are our sleeps in real? After all, a brain is capable to do almost everything during sleeping instead of condition of vigil. Nolan plunges much farther: there are a few sublevels of sleep, sleep in sleep, where time flows slower, than at previous level and especially in reality.

Praise is deserved by the atmosphere of action. Nolan was good to create his own world, which does not look like other, world which literally engulfs from the beginning. It’s difficult to regain consciousness till end. Christopher himself plays role of teacher who leads us by hand to, so-called, levels, opening all new and new secrets, presenting the unobtrusive theory of what is going on.

After viewing, the suspicions about everything, what happens around begin to appear. How real is it? Are people, surrounding us real? And are events, which take place to be, real? What if it is all a sleep?

Actor composition is truly stars. What only costs Leonardo Di Caprio. An actor confessed, that role of Cobb became the most difficult in his actor biography. Leonardo is such an actor, who just cannot play badly. He provides success to film only by his appearance.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur). This character is tranquil, he holds everything under control and he is more accurate than even protagonist. He is a cynic in something, but he does not suspect it.

Ellen Page. Her Ariadne is a talented student who can think outside rational, therefore «probation» is offered by Cobb became for her something like Wonderland for Alice. She seamed to be only one from the team, who attends not only to work but also to people and their personalities. She is really worried about Cobb and it is not vainly…

Marion Cotillard plays great despaired woman, who loves but in the same time hates her life.

Other characters are stuck to memory not less than main characters.

In the total we got a very bright and memorized Movie. It is one of such unique films which impress to the brain of bones.

Inception is the best film of this year. There cannot be any other opinion. Film is just outstanding. How could such thing be born in the head of a man? An idea is simply magnificent. A film constantly keeps in exertion and does not give to feel miserable even for a second.

Inception trailer

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