Despicable me

Despicable meSensation! Somebody stole the Kheops pyramid, leaving an inflatable plaster cast for tourists only. Nobody knows, who committed the crime, and Gru is more disturbed of such state of affairs than others, because he is super bad guy and he is not ready to give the palm of championship of the main villain on the planet to some parvenu. He convokes an urgent conference of the little army of minions and announces a genius plan which will allow them to surprise absolutely all. Gru wants to decrease and steal Luna.

He should exert himself a little for doing it – to take a credit in the bank of evil, to get in the Asiatic laboratory the Decrease device, which is guarded carefully, to assemble a rocket and fly in space. All is good, but evildoer of new generation, named Vector, decides to prevent realization of his plans. Gru has only one hope on three little girls, who have an access to the Vector unapproachable fortress with their delicious patties. And villain decides to adopt orphans…

The subject is not quite standard, as usually good and evil fights in cartoons. Villain vies with villain here. Thus both of them do not look like frightful villains. But everybody wants to prove the superiority in the chosen profession.

despicable meOpposition of two colorful villains — cranky botanist Vector and gloomy, menacing and sullen Gru leads to known end, but that way is pretty funny. The main role is played by internal charm of Gru here, and also external charm of army of yellow squeaky minions. They are dull, but very nice and even affecting.

Something turns out badly with the last comedies. Objectively, only animation movies can cheer up viewer during the last time. They are of a very high quality. It is double pleasure, that the promising novices do not let to weaken the acknowledged leaders of world full-length animation of companies «Pixar» and «Dreamworks».

«Illumination Entertainment» was created in 2007, and presented the first large project «Despicable Me» now. Because of it you will not find the known names in the list of creators. However, the new look and fresh ideas are there. As a result, excellent cartoon is turned out. Guys took the all best from animation of the last years and mixed up in correct proportions. Here are good in the soul villain, and affecting kids and funny secondary characters.

Despicable meQuiet positive songs are played in the film, supporting it by good emotions. The computer graphics is very rich and clear. Cartoon is truly funny; there are a lot of funny jokes. The major part of humor is based upon minions, which will give odds to penguins from Madagascar and squirrel from Ice-Age. They are very funny and nice, and create the unique atmosphere of «kind evil».

As a result, we get one of the funniest cartoons of 2010. Here are almost all: subject and humor, and the most important, the memorized characters. In general, Despicable Me is a wonderful time spending. Foremost, it is a remarkable full-length movie for all family. «Despicable Me» really amazes.

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