Iron Man 2 – Stylish Action Story

The movie by the Director Jon Favreau depicts the adventures of a weapon trader Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) who transforms into a hero, whenever he wears his suit of armor. The hero uses his extra powers to fight against his rivals, a Russian scientist and an industrialist. Tony uses the help of a military liaison and his executive assistant in his mission. The film is classified as A-III—adults according to the Catholic News Service, and have some uses of the F-word, violence, and few instances of profanity. It portrays the theme depicted by a popular comic book published in1963 and illustrates the potential of modern arms and ammunition.

Iron Man 2 (Full Review)

The film has a pretty good follow up as the viewers are impressed by the action story. But many feel that the film portrays the potential of nuclear weapons in the modern era. The stylish action story is quite interesting and holds on the viewers to their seats to a great extent. The story starts as the weapon manufacturer Tony Stark aiming at global peace develops an armor suit that transforms him into an invincible hero. He uses the help of his friend Rhodey who is a former military liaison who is afraid of Tony’s extra powers.The mission of the hero is to establish global peace and start his work with his rival Russian scientist Ivan Vanko who develops a particular suit that emits rays that are highly destructive. Vanko associates with a greedy industrialist Justin Hammer and emerges as a threat to the world. Vanko’s father and Tom’s father were business partners, but eventually had a split. However Vanko strongly believes that Tom’s family to be the reason for the ruin of his father. This rival holds the background of the movie and makes the film more interesting.

Tony’s liability to the nation emerges as soon as he came to understand the motives of his opponents and uses his high tech suit to break their plans to develop another world of remote controlled Iron man. The film becomes more interesting when the hero gets involved in some romantic complications. The entry of a second heroine Natalie creates problems with his greatest supporter Pepper Potts. There is lot of fun which gives the viewer a good laugh. The film clearly shows the advantages and disadvantages of the modern munitions.

The director Jon Favreau along with a strong background script by Justin Theroux is an entertainment thriller with all the components of a perfect action story. The film gives a good laugh when it shows some lustful tricks used by Tony and it is respectable that there aren’t much instances of profanity, except for a single onscreen kiss. However there are some views of bloody violence, use of some crass language and use of F-word.

The film is worth watching and a true entertainer in all sense. It has already created Box office records all over the world and the reports are that the movie has made into the top five movies of Hollywood with highest opening week collections.

User Rating: 7.5/10

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