Piranha 3-D

Piranha 3D

Piranha 3-D is an impressive horror film. The team of horror and thriller professionals created its plot. The director Alexandre Aja has his own collection of famous movies in the genre of horror. There are The Hills Have Eyes and Mirrors among them. By the way the Piranha 3-D is the third remake in the director’s career. The film screenwriters are Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, they also have merit. A series of films “The Saw” is their product. Fund needed for the filming was allocated; it was enough to remove the terrible 3D horror film. About $ 24 million was apportioned to Piranha 3-D.

It is enough for the creation of such kind of film. Piranha 3-D is a unexpectedly good remake of the horrors of the late 70’s about the evil fish. The plot of the screen is in the spirit of “The Saw”. Every year young people gather on Lake Victoria in the first day of summer vacation, to celebrate this holiday. About 20,000 of young people gathered near the Lake Victoria those days. Even the police are not very strict these days. They understand that this holiday brings profits to their town. Young people swim, drink, and have fun at the shores of Lake Victoria. But Matt Boyd has just died; he has been eaten alive by the piranhas.  These piranhas are not normal. A pack of vicious fish with wild eyes and shark teeth can eat one person in one moment. These piranhas have been freed by a small undersea earthquake. So, prehistoric piranha floated from the underground tank to the surface of the earth.  And hundreds of thousands of piranha become free just before the celebration. Piranhas are very picky as for food. In this case, they prefer only human flesh. A female sheriff of the local police department and her assistances are trying to save the situation. But the piranhas do not stop.


The main role was given to Elisabeth Shue in the movie. She is a charming, organized and wise female sheriff. Christopher Lloyd is a scientist-humorist. His scenes resemble «Back to the Future».

The movie Piranha 3-D is characterized with cynicism and applied physiology. The main highlight is a contrast in the movie. First half of the picture devoted to young guys and beautiful naked girls. Young people, bikini, warm gentle sunshine is a beginning of the movie. But after the earthquake, there are human flesh, the sea of blood, gnawed bones and stuff on the screen. Alexandre Aja, Goldfinger and Stolberg described blood orgy during half-hour. It penetrates by fanatic fantasy.

Attacks by packs of piranha are removed rapidly and firmly. Not only piranhas are bloodthirsty. There is impressive bloody massacre in the horror film. All those who did not obey police and climbed out of the water fall into a bloody meat grinder. The film glimpses the elements of black humor.

Piranha 3-D is a film built on the reflexes and its main tasks are to excite or scare the viewing audience. Despite of this the film looks more intelligent than usual horror film. Alexandre Aja combined two basic human instincts in the picture. They are violence and sex. Initially, Piranha 3-D is a usual stereo film and its adaptation to 3-D version make it more cruel and terrible.

Piranha 3-D trailer

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