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Since the last «History of toys» almost 10 years have already passed. In the mean time Andy became 18 years and he goes to college in 3 days.   All toys were afraid of this day, a day, when Andy will go to college and throw out his toys. Everybody thought this way except Woody and Buzz.

But kind Andy keeps memory about his toys, how he played with them. He decides to dispatch them all on the garret, except Woody, whom he wanted to take to college. But, because of absent-mindedness of Andy and his mother, who thought that was garbage, throws out them. But the toys are saved by a miracle. Having despaired, they decide that the best way for them is Sunnyside! They made a mistake! A very big mistake!

When toys arrive to Sunnyside everybody is happy except Woody, who trusts Andy, and tries to convince others, that Andy did not throw out them. But nobody listen to him. That’s why Woody decides to escape from Sunnyside and return to Andy…

Probably, there is no a man who has not watched any part of cult cartoon film. The first part is legally considered as classics of computer animation. The second is considered as one of the best sequels. Producer Li Ankrich had to shoot a cartoon, which could not be worse than previous two parts; otherwise fans would not forgive him.


The formers succeeded to save the same spirit of previous two parts. The viewers are waited by lovely heroes and ocean of adventures along with an excellent humor. The level of animation is remained on the level of the first part, but who cares, when there is a real adventure of the toys on the screen…

Watching the cartoon, you at once remember a long time ago forgotten childhood. The first scenes with Andy only strengthen the impressions from viewing. He grew up and toys are not needed, but they are dear for him as memory. Having decided to carry them on the garret Andy could not imagine that he would begin the new turn of their adventures.

The subject of cartoon is very interesting. Creators succeeded to bring something new in the adventures of toys; during viewing it is not possible to feel miserable. New subject with the excellent final will please not only children but also adults. An action in a film takes only 1,5 hour, but thanks to great work of  animators, it is not noticed.

A kind, jolly and touching toy story turned out as a result. Too bad that it is the last part; after all it would be good to see the smile of astronaut again, to hear the jokes of little newcomers and protagonist – cowboy Woody.

toy story-3

It is necessary to admit that Pixar created not only the high-quality third part but also surprisingly monolithic story with fifteen years old characters, without any worn out stamps, primitive jokes and predictability and, what the most important, with the soul and humor, intertwined in the subject organically. It sounds sentimentally, but perfect scheme of quality of Pixar is no more than framework for huge and light soul here, making “Toy story 3” the best of animation movies at the least this year.

The main moral of «Toy Story» is opened in the appallingly strong and dramatic culminating scene of incineration of garbage, when despair of friends is replaced by collective humility against fatality. They are friends; they are together till the end. The art to be friends is the one of the most meaningful human qualities. Similarly such as that what final shots tell us: ability to release people with whom, according to circumstances, you have different ways, whatever iridescent past united you.

This is not a toy story; this is a projection on the world of people by means of main symbols of childhood.

Toy Story 3 trailer

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