The Other Guys

The Other Guys

The film begins as not quite ordinary police history. Allen Gamble and Terry Hoytz are the New York police detectives, which lead police accounts. They sit in the office and fulfill paperwork while their brave colleagues catch criminals and solve problems. Gamble likes such kind of work and Hoytz hates it. But time presses and bench-warmers decide to prove to everybody that they are capable to do feats. Presently police detectives, Danson and Mantsetti, are in need of aid. And Allen Gamble and Terry Hoytz do not lose the opportunity of doing something for them. It`s a good opportunity for them to emerge from the shadows as Danson and Mantsetti are their idols.

The key roles of “The Other Guys” got Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. Mark Wahlberg played many roles of the police detective in recent years. Some of them were dramatic and some fairly aggressive. Nevertheless, Mark was nominated for an Oscar for Martin Scorsese’s film “The Departed”. His detective police found out a bit unusual for the viewer. However, this role brings him a great stride than to the age-old comedian, Will Ferrell, because, the character of a serious police agent has become regular to the viewer. Initially performance of the Will Ferrell in the role of the detective causes apprehension. But the actor worked and the role of police detective became his advantage. It is impossible to imagine the role of Will Ferrell without jokes, comedic facial expressions and other posts.

The Other Guys

The director of the film, Adam McKay, is chief protégé of Will Ferrell in Hollywood. Will and Adam have 16 common projects. That is why he did not disregard his favorite actor, giving him one of the main roles. The other heroes are personified by actor Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. They become accustomed to all sorts of cool action movie and their police saga looks enough pretty to the viewer. The acting area represented Eva Mendes from the outsider of women. Eva played sexual “simpleton”, Sheila. Bright and attractive woman is her performance in the movie.

The film “The Other Guys” is filled with the “grand” of humor. Age restriction is proposed on the level of PG-13. But this is a little bit frivolous; because the dialogues are loaded by enough vulgar insults. Humor is elephantine in the film; a lot of jokes are “on the verge of decency”. In general the humor is based on physical differences.

Peculiarity of the actor’s performance is not a new approach. The character of main actor is changed periodically.  From the beginning it is the role of “good right guy”, then the role of “I can not control yourself.” Simultaneously, the film is rather interesting because it is not trying to parody something. The Other Guys movie is not a new genre to the audience of the older generation. The film resembles an old police thriller by its stylistics. It’s very similar to the “Lethal Weapon”. The actors show oaf and slack cops very clearly, they are getting into different troubles periodically. The classical action comedies about police do not bring big profits to the creators in recent years. It is a successful attempt to revive the legendary genre since the late 80-ies. Namely, it is a good chance to revive and add something new and modern into the police movie.

Undoubtedly, The Other Guys is one of the most excellent comedies of this year. After a big quantity of an identical, boring comedies with a hackneyed subject and stamped set of jokes, this movie is similar to the air conditioner, which invigorates and refreshes pleasure of viewing movies in general.

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