Creating a movie Kick-Ass, director Matthew Vaughn worked more as a producer and screenwriter. The film comes in the original because it does not fit in the framework of a particular genre. According to preliminary trailers you can judge, that it is the usual American satirical comedy. However, after watching the Kick-Ass you can see some drama, and even excessive cruelty. Director Matthew Vaughn easily use different genres, he introduced the film as a black comedy with the elements of modernism and as a fighter for adrenaline and furious drive, including a great action-scenes. Kick-Ass ensues dramatically and in some frames truly touching.

Starting as usual, quietly tightening narrative, with the question to the audience, “Is it interesting what it’s all about?“ the film abruptly changes rhythm and rate, posed at the beginning of the film. Film starts with a story about absolutely outstanding life of a boy Lizevski Dave (played by Aaron Johnson). He studies at school and he is a usual life-botany student, girls do not like him. He sits in the Internet and reads comics all his free time. Once, an interesting idea comes into his head. If comics are so popular, why has none of the huge number of their fans never tried to become a hero?Aftterall,to achieve this great effort is necessary. Through the Internet Dave buys the suitable clothes and then takes  in hand rubber club, thinks out a sonorous name “Kick-as”, and goes in search of bad guys. But his first encounter with criminals shows that being a superhero is very difficult, it is necessary to have super abilities.

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Criminals beat Dave, but his crazy attempt to defend the rights was accidentally filmed on video and became very popular on the internet on YouTube. Now every person of the city knows Dave as the defender. First Kick-as defeat did not stop him and it was discovered later that he crossed the paths to strong drug lords, who strongly dislike good deeds of our hero…

The first half-hour of the movie we see like pathetic loser is trying to be a superhero. An actor has not specific playing; he just looks like usual normal person. The main character is understandable and sympathetic…

Seemingly, the next regular American history is on the screen. But in the picture appears Kill-Girl and the film is simply transformed. To watch like 11 year old girl hack thugs to pieces is something original and unusual. Kill-Girl is one of the colorful characters in the film, she says quite grown-up jokes, swearing and fighting. The playing of a young actress, Chloe Morets, somewhere resembles Natalie Portman in “Leone”. Big Dad performed by Nicolas Cage has turned out rather interesting. It is very strange and unusual to see such actor in the background. He rarely appeared in the shot, but plays excellent. This role of Big Dad is one of the most interesting, which Nicolas has in the past few years. The main negative character played by Mark Strong. Drug dealers in his performance have turned out quite bloodthirsty and memorable.


Matthew Vaughn has created a striking and memorable film filled with unusual scenes and politically incorrect. Several action scenes are shot very well.   Humor of the movie is with the elements of taunts, penetrating and thin. Kick-as saturates memorable characters. The drama of the movie is organized and clear promise of the director did not give to call the film completely parody. The film has several parties, it has many faces. Comedy, parody, drama, action-thriller are all Kick-as. Film of Matthew Vaughn, Kick-as, it’s almost 2:00 cinematic pleasure, consisting of excellent humor, drivingly action, great characters, interesting story, cool music and a lot of pleasant details, nuances and references. But the main thing is a strong fan-factor, which causes an irresistible desire to watch a movie.

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