Letters to Juliet as Emotional Saga

The movie by Director Gary Winick depicts an emotional saga of endless love. The story moves on with a travelogue of a magazine fact checker Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) to Verona- the place where the world’s symbol of unselfish love lived (Romeo and Juliet). Sophie is a representative of an unhappy relationship with her fiancé Victor who is a food obsessed chef. Sophie happened to visit Juliet’s house and finds a wailing wall where several woman leave letters asking advice on their love relationship. She answers such a query of an Englishwoman Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) which she left 50 years before. Claire responds to the letter and returns to Verona and meets Sophie together with her grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan) to find her lost love Lorenzo. The movie is rated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Office for Film and Broadcasting as A-II-adults and adolescents due to the portrayal of a premarital relationship

Letters to Juliet (Review)

The movie “Letters to Juliet” is a representation of endless love and unsatisfied love relationship. The character Claire is a symbol of endless love trying to imply that love has no barrier and no expiry date. Sophie is a symbol of an unsatisfied relationship with her fiancé Victor, who is more interested about cuisines. The movie is interesting with good humor, and emotions are portrayed with real life that you enjoy them.

The film starts as our heroine Sophie, who is a fact checker of a New York based magazine travel to Italy to open a restaurant by her fiancé. They land up in Verona-the place of endless and unselfish love, the spirit of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet lives. When Sophie’s fiancé Victor goes in search of the perfect truffle for his new restaurant, Sophie sets out to explore Verona alone. She visits Juliet Capulet’s house and finds the place as realistic as what Shakespeare has described. She finds a sort of Wailing Wall and finds letters left by several woman querying about their unsuccessful relationship and seeking advice. Many of these are answered by the members of “Club di Giulietta” who incorporates Sophie to their wing.

Sophie finds an unanswered 50 year old letter hidden in the Wailing Wall and answers it. Claire now Vanessa Redgrave and responds to the letter by Sophie, and returns back to Verona to find out her lost love Lorenzo together with her grandson Charlie. The three of them sets out to find out Lorenzo. On their mission, sees many phony Lorenzo’s but moved on with their strong determination. The movie pictures the beautiful views of Italian countryside and provides the best background to this wonderful saga.

The movie holds the curiosity of the viewers to the last second, whether Claire meets her true love, whether Sophie have a successful relationship with her fiancé Victor. There is much happy news to the viewers as the movie ends well. The attempt by the Director Gary Winick is sincere to an extent and the movie can be rated above average, and can be viewed with all the family members.

User Rating: 6.4/10
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