Eat, Pray, Love

eat pray loveEat, Pray, Love is a film, which is based on the same name memoir by American author Elizabeth Gilbert. The story is about her private life, about her faults and gifts. She has a husband, home, career of an author, but she doesn’t have love.  Elizabeth decided to go away. After divorce she had broken heart, and to be dispelled she decided to trip around the world. During her trip she discovered spirituality, happiness and real love. Eat, Pray, Love became one of the best-selling publications of the decade.

More than 7 million copies of this book have been sold in 40 different languages. The Columbia Pictures company purchased the movie rights for the memoirs after its publishing. The film Eat, Pray, Love was released on the 13 of August, 2010. The main character of the movie is Julia Roberts, an Oscar-winning actress. Julia Roberts shares the screen with the other talented stars; they are Javier Bardem, Richard Jenkins, James Franco and Billy Crudup. Richard Jenkins played spiritual friend of Elizabeth, Richard. She meets Richard in India and he helps her to obtain calmness. Billy Crudup played Steven, the husband of Liz. The producers of the film are Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner. Eat, Pray, Love costs $60 000 000 and earn more than $68 954 000 in United States of America.

Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts in the role of Elizabeth Gilbert is educated woman with beautiful home, husband and successful career. But her private life is unhappy. She cried all nights along in the bathroom. Once she understood that such style of life is not her dream. She decided to divorce. She decided to trip all year along after her divorce. She visited Italy, where she enjoying life by eating during four month. Julia ate pizza, pasta and gelato, without any diet and regime. She thinks that the permission to eat is similar to gift. After her Italian adventure, Liz traveled to India. There she is praying and meditating in Indian ashram. Elizabeth found out her inner silence and spiritual bases in India. And finally, she went to Bali, where she discovered a great Love. She falls in love with factory owner from Brasilia. Thus, she discovered three parts of life, such as Eat, Pray and Love. This film is good visual aids for those, who can not find the happiness and love. It lets to fill that you are not lonely and inspires.

The genre of the movie is drama. But some critics like to call such kind of film as “art-house”, because it is not usual love story with happy end. There are many open questions which are still for the audience after the final titles in the Eat, Pray, Love. The drama has an interesting plot; it combined an intelligence and morality. Some critics dislike this story because of its moral and spiritual direction, especially the tendency to Eastern religion. But the others found out that this film is as great internal personal journey. All colorful scenes were shot  really in Italia, Bali and India. Its duration is 133 minutes. The film Eat, Pray, Love deserves an attention of grateful audience.

Eat, Pray, Love trailer

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