What does mean a word «avatar»? It is a picture, certain image which presents the proprietor in virtual life. In a wider sense, it is a thing or phenomenon, which presents the owner and is his prolongation. And even more, this is a film which raises one of the greatest problems of contemporaneity — problem of civilization.

The subject of «Avatar» is too predictable and in general hackneyed.By the way, James Cameron does not hide that general concept of movie is clear enough and simple. Fight between good and evil, love and abhorrence, cupidity and unselfishness, these are all the motives, which are known from biblical times. But how it is performed!


Bad guys, exhausting a native Earth, started up in the depths of space and found a sympathetic and thickly-green planet Pandora.  Besides the lots of trees it has very useful and expensive minerals. Aborigines from the tribe of Na’Vi do not worry  about prices at the intergalactic market, they refuse to leave the mine, besides it is their home. One day in the troops of “colonization” arrived former marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington). He is an invalid, but starting from commercial considerations, he can replace his lost brother-twin, from whom the dark blue emanation left which called Avatar. It was a research group disposal, headed by doctor Grace (Sigourney Weaver). Jake, possessing old motional possibilities in the new body, gets lost in the location of “enemy” soon. His mission is to destroy Na’vi, who became the main obstacle for mining of valuable ore. But beautiful Na’vi, female Neytiri, rescues Jake life, and after this everything changes. Jake was accepted in her clan, and he studies to be one of them, which includes an implementation of a big number of tasks and going through numerous tests. As relationships of Jake and his forced tutor Neytiri become more close, he studies to respect the world of Na`vi and as a result he finds his place there. Soon he is checked by the last test, when he lead a local race into the battle, where will be determined, nothing more than fate of all the world.


Although subject doesn’t shine with originality, movie is sawn very easy and doesn’t stop to surprise. You should not forget about a magnificent play of actors. James Cameron reminds the people about essence of businessmen and cruelty of soldiery.  Ones dream about money, others want destructions and firing.

In a film it is possible to discern a fight between the modern modernized civilization and beliefs of our ancestry. In fact they look like the tribes of Na’vi very much. Becoming mercenary and greedy present society forgets all spiritual things that were reached from predecessors.

Cameron approached to his deal scientifically. He engaged a lot of specialists – from engineers to the linguists who developed the language of Na’Vi. But, certainly, he did not do movie without technical innovations among which there are secret author developments on the basis of technique of “motion capture”, progressive methods of detailing of shooting etc. And all these are in such a giant scales, that fully possible that the doctoral dissertations of cinematography will soon be defended after creation of Cameron.

There is nothing surprising in that «Avatar» won the title of the «best film 2009». The components of its success are exciting subject with an unexpected final and humanistic, conservative philosophy, actors play, startling sceneries.

AVATAR is one of the greatest films in the history of cinematography.

AVATAR trailer

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