Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

prince of persia

“Prince of Persia” is included in the most expected films’ list of this year. This movie is a screen version of the same name game for the personal computers. The developer and creator of the game “Prince of Persia” is Jordan Mechner, he also participated in creation of the film story. In general the film comes forward as a joint product of Mike Newell as a director and Jerry Bruckheimer as a producer. They are well known talented and capable of working professionals. Newell holds nearly a hundred of works, and Jerry Bruckheimer is not just bears the nickname “Mr. Blockbuster”. The film’s budget of 150 million dollars hints at the fact that this film was originally conceived as a quality blockbuster. Initially, the task of the creators of “Prince of Persia” is the creation of a logical turn in the evolution of the cult game. To watch it is fairly easy and pleasant (even excluding the format 3D), it constantly evokes associations with the already fairly well-known examples of adventure movies.The main character in this screening is the young Prince named Dastan. He is always actively overcomes his enemies in battle, but now he has lost the power over the kingdom because of the dark deeds of treacherous uncle courtier. To win Dastan it is necessary to steal powerful artifact with magical powers from the enemies’ hands. This artifact can turn back time and ultimately can provide power over the world to its owner.

Excellent abilities of brave prince Dastan help him to defeat the villains. He can easily manage different kinds of knives, as well as excellent skills in acrobatics. Half of his own country rises against the Prince, but he has support of his faithful friends and, of course, love. Main character played by actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who made his fame playing in the movie “Brokeback Mountain”. His Prince Dastan looks correct from the standpoint of computer games. There is not required special acting in this movie. But Jake Gyllenhaal is still trying very hard for this movie. Not one month of torment he spent in gym to play Dastan. His profile is rather bold and oriental elegance. He is laconic, but he always found out various jokes in stock, which holds for the most dangerous situations in a chase across the roofs or the battle of swords. However, according to the genre of the film, the popularity of the actor Jake Gyllenhaal will grow mainly in the school category of spectators after his release.

prince of persia

The girl discovered near our hero with not quite eastern appearance. Actress Gemma Arterton, who played companion Dastan, gives the movie a feminine beauty. Make up and facial expression of the actor Ben Kingsley presents him like a chief villain. But the actor’s work is pretty good in the film. Even before the Prince of Persia Ben had a huge number of awards and prizes and he just done his job, simply and beautifully as always in this movie.

prince of persia

The film is based on the cult video game series “Prince of Persia”. It is noted that this movie is one of the felicitous screen adaptations of games over the past years. Despite of a little accordance to game, the most important element is certainly indescribable atmosphere of the East, which is literally permeated every moment in the film. The movie is shot in the classic style of Disney, which is so loved by all. In general, directors are well tried.

All that can be removed from this landscape has shot in real conditions, not in halls with decorations. In general, wherever it was possible to replace the computer technology there they were replaced. All costumes are very beautiful, because its elements of manual work. Arms and decorations are also made by hand. Although the director has not forgotten about computer special effects and it is a lot of these effects in the movie. There are a large number of dynamic scenes in the film, fight scenes and action. The film lasts about two hours and constantly keeps the audience in suspense adventure style. “Prince of Persia” is perhaps the best Disney movies of the last time, and it is interesting at least once to see it.

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